Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lunch Out Series: North Park

After our 2 week Sprint, we were in for a reward for doing our best in the last cycle. Our Scrum Master awarded us with a lunch out at North Park. Originally, we were supposed to have lunch on another venue but since they don't offer reservations, we just chose a closer place from the office for us all, at Convergy's Building, just across our building.

There are a lot of food choices at the ground floor of the building, one of them is North Park. The area is just small but big enough to accommodate large group of people. The place is well decorated, with the counter and kitchen on the far end and tables and guests in most of the area. There is also a waiting area near the entrance door at the front where guests could stay while waiting to be seated. At lunch time, the area is packed with people, good thing we took an early lunch, so there were moderate number of people and we were seated after a few minutes of waiting.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Isaw Night at Sarah's

It was another boring week, and again, another invite that I didn't turned down, even if it was a weekday and it was a place far far away from home. Boring week turned out fun and enjoyable with the company of my college friends in a familiar setting that we missed a lot.

I got to Quezon City at around 7pm and from there, I met up with my super blocmates. We hit the road going to the University of the Philippines and stopped at Krus na Ligas. I am not sure where we are going but I was sure this night will be a lot of fun. In front of an isaw-an is a small place called Sarah's where it was a local hangout of students and professors in the campus nearby.That is where we went and settled ourselves in their small table reserving some seats for those who will join us later.

The place is small with a few tables for guests. There are a lot of cars parked in front so you won't easily recognize the area. The counter looks like a sari-sari store where you get your own order there. We were expecting the stuff to be served to us but we usually need to go to the counter to get it. We ordered some food while waiting for the others (who works nearby) to get there.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Singing Our Heart Out at Music 21

Back from our company team building, I thought I could call it a day as soon as I stepped into our home but a last minute call changed my sweet plan of sleeping early after a tiring overnight at Batangas. Pat called asking if our planned night out will pursue, and being the yes person that I am, I quickly changed clothes and headed on Alabang to meet up with them.

We met at Festival Supermall at around 7pm. we went to Makati afterward and I was falling in and out of sleep at the back seat of the car. We went to Greenbelt to inquire at Red Box but we find it too expensive for us so, we headed to Jupiter Street at Makati Avenue to check out the videoke places available there.

We ended up at Music 21 since there are only a few cars parked. We assumed that there are a few guests at that time and we could have a room immediately. We were greeted at the front desk with the staff and we were accommodated immediately. They offered us some packages and we chose from them.

Late Lunch at Rose & Grace Restaurant

After we left Eagle Point Resort, we all decided to have lunch at Sto. Tomas. It was yet another 2++ hours of ride going there and so, I slept for the rest of the trip and woke up at Star Tall Sto. Tomas exit. From there, we took a left turn going to the town proper where Rose & Grace Restaurant is found. We are all ready for the yummy Bulalo on a cold Saturday afternoon.

We were the first to go there. The place is big and there are a lot of tables and chairs for the guests. At the left side of the restaurant is the pasalubong are where people can buy local delicacies to bring home. There are also spacious comfort rooms on the right side of the place. At the end is the counter where there are a lot of food choices to choose from. Here is where you order the dishes you want. We ordered a bowl of Bulalo, Sizzling Sisig and Pork Asado.

Relaxing at Sepoc Island

Our second day at Eagle Point Resort is meant for our free time there. Since the package includes a free boat ride to Sepoc Island, an island nearby, most of us decided to go there.

We rode a ferry and it was about 30 minutes ride going there. The sea was calm at that time and the cool breeze hitting our face as we stand at the side of the boat was nice. It was relaxing as we watched some small boats and the island pass by us.

Time Off at Eagle Point Resort

We had our team building activity at Anilao, Batangas in Eagle Point Beach Resort. Initially, this wasn't planned to be a team building event but rather, an outing for us SHI employees. It turns out that it would be free if we make it as our team building activity and so we all agreed and pushed through with the event.

We met-up at Alabang early Friday morning. I joined my boss in going to the resort. The others are waiting at Shell SLEX and from there, we went on to a 3 eirhour road trip to Anilao. It was a cloudy day and it has been drizzling as we got to Mabini, Batangas. Thankfully, it stopped as we reached the almost zigzag road going to Eagle Point Resort.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Makiling Traverse Adventure Climb

There was an invite on a Makiling Traverse Climb, popularly known as MakTrav to mountaineers, and it had about 20 plus people confirming to attend the event. The number of attendees grew as the days passed and finally I was convinced to join them so I invited a friend and we both agreed to join the group in this unique adventure.

Mt. Makiling is a famous mountain located at some parts of Laguna and Batangas. Legend has it that it is guarded by the Forest Nymph Maria Makiling. The shape of the mountain itself resembles her in a lying position. I believed that as a child looking closely at the mountain and identifying her features as we pass by.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bowling Challenge at Puyat Sports Superbowl and Billiards

We were invited by our office mates to have an after office bowling game at Puyat Sports Superbowl and Billiards located at the Makati Cinema Square. It was my first time to bowl since I only tried the Duck-pin bowling in my PE class back in college so I am not sure if I will do well here.

I had to go to Landmark first to buy something so we got there a bit late. The mall is almost closed and it seems like only the clubs are open at that time.We were a bit lost because of all the misleading people we asked but finally, after looking up the top floor, we found the place. You need to go to the third floor and climb another set of stairs to finally arrive at the Puyat Sports Superbowl.
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