Saturday, June 25, 2011

Isaw Night at Sarah's

It was another boring week, and again, another invite that I didn't turned down, even if it was a weekday and it was a place far far away from home. Boring week turned out fun and enjoyable with the company of my college friends in a familiar setting that we missed a lot.

I got to Quezon City at around 7pm and from there, I met up with my super blocmates. We hit the road going to the University of the Philippines and stopped at Krus na Ligas. I am not sure where we are going but I was sure this night will be a lot of fun. In front of an isaw-an is a small place called Sarah's where it was a local hangout of students and professors in the campus nearby.That is where we went and settled ourselves in their small table reserving some seats for those who will join us later.

The place is small with a few tables for guests. There are a lot of cars parked in front so you won't easily recognize the area. The counter looks like a sari-sari store where you get your own order there. We were expecting the stuff to be served to us but we usually need to go to the counter to get it. We ordered some food while waiting for the others (who works nearby) to get there.

We had Sizzling Sisig and a Combi Platter with a cup of rice, Lechon Kawali, Beef Tapa, Egg and Squid Balls. We also ordered from the Isaw-an in front. They deliver the food to your tables there. We had a lot of isaw baboy and isaw manok plus tenga. We also had lots of spicy peanuts for our pulutan. All we need are a few bottles of beer and a lot of stories to share.

Combo Platter (P99)

Sizzling Sisig with Egg (P135)
Isaw baboy (P5/stick), Isaw manok (P3/stick), Tenga (P7/stick), and Mani (from the isaw-an)

 The food was okay, it was just so-so but the price was really affordable. It was very cheap compared to the other places I've been to. Also, the isaw was love! I missed those kind of street food so every tome I get the chance to have some of it, I actually grab the opportunity even if they say it's dirty, I know my tummy can handle my cravings. cheap food paired with some bottles of beer and the company of great friends, is a perfect weekday night!

Our Bill, we added P130 for the isaw, this is for 5 people

 We stayed there for a couple of hours before finally going to our friend's home to watch some movies and sleep. It was a long night but it was fun.We are all wasted and couldn't get up the next morning but we still need to get to work. Feeling like a zombie, we all got up and leave for our work places (me being the farthest). I hope we all get to do this again next time, but I am strongly hoping we do it on a weekend so I won't be late for work the day after. :P

And yeah, I didn't know the name of the place. I just asked them and they told me it was Sarah's. The menu don't say anything on it (it was just a list of food) and I couldn't find any signage. I like this place, it is cheap and it is a perfect hangout place. If I'm near UP, this would be one of my favorite places. Thanks blocmates for introducing this to me.

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