Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bowling Challenge at Puyat Sports Superbowl and Billiards

We were invited by our office mates to have an after office bowling game at Puyat Sports Superbowl and Billiards located at the Makati Cinema Square. It was my first time to bowl since I only tried the Duck-pin bowling in my PE class back in college so I am not sure if I will do well here.

I had to go to Landmark first to buy something so we got there a bit late. The mall is almost closed and it seems like only the clubs are open at that time.We were a bit lost because of all the misleading people we asked but finally, after looking up the top floor, we found the place. You need to go to the third floor and climb another set of stairs to finally arrive at the Puyat Sports Superbowl.

As you enter the place, there are several billiard tables where most of the people hang out and play. At the far end is the bowling alley. There are about 40 lanes. It was a big place and there are a lot of people playing at that time. There is the main desk where you can rent shoes or buy socks if you didn't bring any. They also have small smoking rooms for those who wants to smoke some cigarettes in between games. There is also a small bar where food and drinks are served. You can actually order and it will be served to you as you play.

The Bowling Alley

The ball's weight varies depending on its colors
We found our office mates at lane 39, It is located at the far end of the place. They are already enjoying the game and having fun while eating and drinking some booze. We only have one lane at that time and there are 6 people playing. I didn't want to play at first but when they finished the game, we transferred to the other lane and got two lanes so we can have a mini competition. They convinced me and I have to buy a P60 socks and rented a P30 size 3 bowling shoes.

Having fun bowling
I was nervous because I am not sure how will I play. The ball was heavy and it is a bit difficult to control and get accustomed to. I delivered my first shot and it was a failure, I hit nothing. Good thing the second one hit at least 8 pins and it wasn't that bad at all. The rest of the turns wasn't that good at all. I can say that bowling is not for me. I sucked on it. I really think that it is my fault my team lose but it was okay, I was there for the fun and experience. Here is the final tally of scores:

Final Score. Boo! we lost :(
 I'll bowl again another time but I think I'll practice more since I'm really not that good at it. I'll just enjoy it and hopefully the next time, I'll help my team win.

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