Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dinner at Buddy's

My weekend trip was canceled due to a typhoon and I am left with nothing to do on a Friday night. We planned to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 on the cinema but there were so many people at the ticket booth and there were no seats available for the time that we preferred. We just decided to watch it the next week when there is less people who would watch it. Walking aimlessly at Glorietta, we just decided to eat dinner and after a while of walking, we decided to eat at Buddy's.

I've been wanting to blog about Buddy's for a while now, however, I always forget to gather the other photos of their dishes in my camera phone. This time, since I have time to blog (because my weekend trip is canceled) I'll be able to write about Buddy's and the authentic Lucban, Quezon dishes they serve.

Located across Landmark, among the array of restaurants is Budd'y Makati branch. Originally, they started at Lucban, Quezon where I saw its original branch wen we were there from the Pahiyas. The Makati branch is small but it is always packed with dining customers. They have a festive theme in the place. You can see miniature decorations that are usually found during the Pahiyas. Walls have photos of the town of Lucban as well as the dishes they serve. The wooden chairs reminds me of the large sun flowers in the Pahiyas. I am really not sure what the sunflowers meant but I saw it all over the town during the festival.

There are plenty of dishes to chose from, from Pancit Lucban and Longganisang Lucban to Pizzas and Pastas. The best seller, however, is the Pancit Lucban and Longganisang Lucban which is what most people go there for.

Pancit Lucban (P165)
 Pancit Lucban here is simply the best. Its blend of vegetables and meat with the classic noodles used in Pancit habhab is what makes people go back again and again. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself and discover this yummy dish.

Here are the other dishes they offer:

Longganisang Lucban (P120)
Sizzling Sisig Pork with Egg (P125)

Sizzling Bangus (P130)
Buddy Pizza Super Supreme (P210)
All is yummy and affordable. It is perfect for family dinner or lunches. Just make sure you order one of their classic meals and I am sure, your Lucban experience is complete. it is just like being in the Pahiyas even if it is not May 15.

I surely enjoy eating at this place and I am sure to come back again here. This place has its own spot on my recommended list so be sure to try this one out! Happy eating! :)

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