Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Night Out with my SDK Family at Memphis

I was sent on a 3-day training on Greenhills by my company and so I grabbed the opportunity, when asked by my former team mates, to have dinner (and a bit of drinking) with them.

We went to our favorite place at Pioneer Center in Mandaluyong City, Memphis. Even before, we loved this place because of its Crispy Tawilis and affordable beer prices.

The place is located at the back part of Pioneer Center in between some other bars. They are opened from morning until around 12 midnight. When you go there at lunch time, there are only a few people dining in. At night the place is packed with young professionals unwinding from a stressful day at work. This is especially packed on weekends so be sure to come there early on a Friday night to have seats.

The place is quite big and can surely accommodate a large number of guests. They have 2 to 3 tables outside, right in front of the parking, 4 to 8 on the air conditioned area and a lot of long tables for large groups at the back near their kitchen. They have a number of crews that accommodates you well.

We ordered our favorite dishes there which are Crispy Tawilis, Crispy Pata and Sizzling Sisig. Paired with a cup of rice and some bottles of Pale Pilsen and Tanduay Ice, it was a sure hit for us.

Sizzling Sisig (P130)
The Sizzling Sisig is served on a hot plate, topped with an egg and make sure you sprinkle it with calamansi and mix it while it is hot! It has a lot of chili and it goes well with rice and the beer.

Crispy Pata (P420)
The Crispy Pata is a sinful but delicious dish partnered with the ice cold beer. We loved the crispy skin and tender meat that goes well with the dip. It is really mouth watering upon serving and for the price, you would definitely would eat guiltless. A good way to ruin your diet once in a while.

Crispy Tawilis (P150)
The Crispy Tawilis is our all time favorite. Paired with its special dip, it is very good with rice or even by itself. The crispiness of each piece of fish will surely make you grab another bite until you completely finish the whole plate. It is good to share also.

This place is a nice place to hang out after office hours. I missed the times when we go here often. I was really glad that I get to be with my old SDK Family and have a good time with them once again. Good place, good food in an affordable price. Try this place out whenever you're in Mandaluyong and have a taste of their yummy Crispy Tawilis.

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