Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chill at Happy Lemon

After eating dinner at Le Ching, we decided to chill at Promenade still at Greenhills. It was the first time I learned of this place and it was filled with rows of restaurants that would excite foodies all around. We went to Happy Lemon where we chilled and catch up for a while.

 The place is just small, a few tables inside and also at the outside. The people there stay for a drink and hang out. It was a cozy place and the chairs are fun to sit on. The crew on the counter are friendly, however, their way of calling customers on their orders is not that effective. I didn't hear my name being called and I have to go to the counter to check on it.

Happy Lemon serves milk tea. But it wasn't an ordinary milk tea. It is a different mix. I didn't learn all the goodies they have but it was okay since it is another reason for me to go back. I ordered their best seller, the Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. It sounded weird but since they say it was their best seller, I wouldn't pass the chance to have a taste of it.

Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese (Large - P90)

As they served it, I was about to get a straw but the crew said it was best enjoyed without one and so I trusted them. The drink was served with a creamy froth which is a bit salty. As you drink on it, the froth will stick on the top of your lips making you look like those on milk commercials. As you get to the drink below, it reminded me of tasting flowers. I don't know why this is the image that registers to my mind every time I think of it and so, I cannot fully describe how it tasted like. However, the combination of the drink below and the frothy cheesy and salty taste of the top makes a perfect combination. I loved it especially the cheese flavor. I cannot get enough of it.

Next time I'll try the other flavors and I am sure I'll also like it. You should try it too and have the Happy Lemon experience!

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