Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zambales Weekend Getaway: Late Lunch at Magic Lagoon Grill Bar and Restaurant

As the rain kept on pouring after we washed up at Pundaquit, we decided to have lunch at SBMA since it was on our way back home. I recommended Magic Lagoon Grill Bar and Restaurant since I have tried this place a year ago and I have enjoyed it because of its yummy and affordable dishes.

Our travel from Pundaquit to SBMA took about an hour and so, we were all asleep because of the tiredness we are already feeling from the island hopping at Capones Island and overnight camping at Nagsasa Cove.

mini lake at the Magic Lagoon
We arrived at Magic Lagoon Grill Bar and Restaurant at around 3am, just in time to catch a rerun of Pacquiao's fight with Sugar Shane Mosley. The place is showing it on its large LCD TV. It was still raining and so we made it as an excuse to stay longer at the place.

As we got there, I noticed that it hasn't changed a year ago when I first got there. there is still the small lake that reflected the trees on the other side. The wooden tables and chairs are still in the main dining area beside the bar full of liquors and hard drinks. The far tables under the trees are still there and the kitchen from afar is still busy preparing the dishes ordered by the guests. There are also the geese and other fowls that roam the area scavenging food. It was still a homey place to stay and eat after the tiring adventure that we previously had.

We decided to order Chopsuey, Sizzling Mixed Seafood, Lechon Kawali and Shanghai Fried Rice, paired with a tower of iced tea.

 The Chopsuey was good. the vegetables are all cooked topped with the thick sauce.

Sizzling Mixed Seafood (P275)
The Sizzling Mixed Seafood was also good but it wasn't that sizzling when served. Also the seafood seems to be too much drenched in the sauce that it only had one flavor and you cannot distinguish what seafood you were eating.

Lechon kawali (P195)
The Lechon Kawali was the yummiest among our dishes. It has the right crispiness and with the liver sauce, it was really good.

Shanghai Fried Rice (P240)
Everything is yummier with the Shanghai fried Rice.

We stayed there for a while while watching the fight. We were also waiting for the rain to stop even if it didn't have any hint of stopping. We took pictures of the place and also the animals that roam the area.

Guinea Fowl


This place is a well recommended for me, good food, great ambiance, nice service (they replaced one of the tower of iced tea since it didn't have any flavor) and affordable dishes, plus, you get to watch some boxing action on their TV. If ever you stop by SBMA, try Magic Lagoon Grill Bar and Restaurant out, you'll surely like it.

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