Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dinner at Le Ching Tea House

During my 3-day training at Greenhills a former office mate learned that I was just near my old office so we decided to meet up. He told me that he knows a good place where you can have yummy Chinese cuisine at an affordable price. It was called Le Ching Tea House (yes, I know, it sounds weird). He said he used to eat there as a kid and it has been years since his last visit here and so I agreed and we had dinner there after office (and training) hours.

We met up at Greenhills Shopping Center and from there, we were both not sure where to look for this place. We asked the guard and he told us where it is. It turned out that I have passed by it when I was waiting for us to meet. It was funny that I didn't remember it then.

The place is not that big but could fit a lot of guests. It looks like a self service canteen but crews assist you, take and serve your order. There are many people dining in here and I knew why the moment I tasted their dishes.

We ordered Spareribs Rice and a serving of Siomai. We were supposed to order Beef Brisket but unfortunately, it wasn't available at that time. They have this chalkboard on the counter which tells the customers what are not available in the menu and we failed to read it before ordering.

Siomai (P75)
 The Siomai is served in a small steamer like plate. It is served together with a bowl of chili and calamansi for dipping. It tasted good, better than those bought at food stalls. The meat is tender and every bite is bursting with flavors. I liked it and would definitely crave for this, if only it is near my place.

Spareribs Rice (P128)
 The Spareribs Rice is served in a small metal container filled with rice and topped with the meat.At first it didn't looks appealing but when you get a bite into the meat, which by the way is very tender, you will definitely would ask for more. The flavors are infused deep inside meat and it bursts in your mouth in every bite. Compared to those Spareribs dishes I tasted before, those were nothing! You should try for yourself and taste the difference. The rice is also in a generous amount so it would be very nice for those rice lovers.

House Tea
 By the way, they serve house tea here when you ask them. They are called a tea house for a reason. They place some tea mixture in a glass and place hot water to dilute the mixture. It is served hot and it is good to drink after you eat to lighten the feeling of a full stomach after a hearty meal.

This place is simply great. It was good to have eaten here when I was around the area. The servings are good, price is affordable and the place and service is nice. Check this place out and try out their Chinese cuisine, I am sure you'll love the Le Ching experience.

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