Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week-long Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday last week but up until this week, we have been celebrating it. It's not that I don't want it but this is the first time I really enjoyed my birthday month. Thanks for all who were with me on my birth anniversary.

Thanks Central for the Birthday Boy Shot!
 I want to grab this opportunity to thank all those who attended my epic birthday bash which was held in Central BBQ Boy Muntinlupa (where the photos are not yet uploaded, sorry guys!).

Lunch Out Series: Super Bowl of China

It was Blu's last day at Smart so we decided to have a last Lunch Out with him. We decided to eat at Super Bowl of China at Glorietta 4 together with his team and the MasterCard team which he worked with.

We dined so many times there before and the place is very spacious. There are several tables for all kinds of guests weather its a large or small group. The entire restaurant is decorated with photos of happy customers that I think was taken candid. There are crew walking around selling dim sum if you would like to have some extra orders. They are friendly and accommodates the guests quickly.

Ice Cream Break at Sebastian's Cold Comfort

After watching the amazing fireworks in the 2nd Philippine Pyromusical Competition, we didn't know what to do and where to go next. I need to meet-up with a friend so we stayed for a while in MOA. While waiting, we decided to try out some ice cream place that we passed by a while ago before watching fireworks. It was Sebastian's Cold Comfort.

Located at the 2nd Level of the Entertainment Hall of Mall of Asia just opposite the IMAX exit. The ice cram parlor is small and could seat a few guests. They have a large bulletin board where the ice cream flavors are posted. The counter displays the array of yummy flavors to choose from. It was a bit expensive for a scoop of ice cream but their flavors are unique and I can say, yummy. That night, I tried Caramel Macchiato. There are other flavors but I can't remember what they are, one is with Pistacio, the other is with Maltesers, another with Macadamia Nuts, and one is chocolate. If someone knows these flavors, please leave a comment below. The cup costs P95, a bit pricey but since I enjoyed mine, it was all okay.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Chubby's Rib Shack

It was another Friday and Friday means Lunch Out day! This time, We tried Chubby's Rib Shack which is located at Solaris One Bldg. along Dela Rosa Street in Makati. They are located besides Army Navy and Buffalo Wings and Things, which by the way is also part of their place.

Their place is average sized and it connects to Buffalo Wings and Things on the other side. You can also order there if you want. They can accommodate large groups and small ones too. The place is decorated with fire woods and everything is just wood all around.

Earth Hour: Doing A Small Thing for Mother Earth

Today at 8:30 in the evening, I invite everyone to turn off your lights, PC's, TV's and everything electrical at your homes for an hour (or more, go beyond an hour) because it is Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is celebrated every year and my family participates to this global campaign. We turn off our lights, and join the community in observing an our without light. It was like those days when I was young and there are power shortage and everyone is outside, playing guitar, chatting, having fun, with only the moonlight as the source of light. It was fun even if we don't use the stuff technology gifted us today. It brings us back to the basics.

Painting the Sky at the 2nd Philippine Pyromusical Competition

The 2nd Philipinne International Pyromusical Competition was held in MOA for a series of Saturdays starting February 12, 2011. It was my 3rd year watching fireworks from different countries compete. Although last year's event was a bit confusing since they first held it at Global City and then at MOA and I don't know which is the official competition, still, I didn't want to miss the chance to watch again this year.

Pyromusical Competition is a combination of music and fireworks wherein they are judged based on their synchronicity with the music and the different techniques they use. It is very different with the past Pyrolympics competition wherein they only showcase the fireworks and you can just watch them from afar. This however will require you to listen and watch as the beautiful lights color the night sky.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Kitchen

Located at Greenbelt 3 ground floor near the garden area is Kitchen. This is where we decided to have our Friday lunch out. Originally, we planned to eat somewhere else but since we were not decided, our feet broughtus to Greenbelt and since ths is the first restaurant we saw and checked on the prices which are quite affordable, we settled ourselves here.

The place is just small. There are a few tables inside and some are placed outside for more guests. Their interior is not that spacious but they have a high ceiling and nice decorations. They have this small space at the far back which is a bit elevated and curtains are tied on the side. I'm guessing its for private events but on the space it will occupy, I'm also guessing that it is just for decoration purpose.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dinner at Caramoan: Seaporch Grill and Restobar

We wanted to try some other restaurant for dinner on our second night at Caramoan. Kuya Yunan of Trek Travel recommended us a newly opened restaurant just in front of an inn in Centro. It was named Seaporch Grill and Restaurant. We went there before we get back to the lodge just to order and asked them if it would be ready by 7pm just in time when we return there after taking a bath.

The interior is just small, about 2-3 tables for large groups. There is a videoke machine just beside the main counter. They serve grilled food and other dishes too.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Place to Stay at Caramoan: West Peninsula Villas

On our Caramoan Adventure, we are booked by Kuya Yunan of Trek Travel on West Peninsula Villas upon our request. We were charged an additional P200 each since the accommodation here are a bit expensive compared to what Kuya Yunan recommended on his package.

The lodge is located a bit far from the Centro which is the center of the town. It is situated at the end of a small one way road. A jeepney can go in it but it would be easier if you just walk on foot. The road is not all cemented and since it was raining when we were there, it is quite muddy.

Camsur Adventure Day 3: Last Day and Saying Goodbye to Camsur

We woke up the next day very dark. West Peninsula Villas is running on generator and unfortunately, our room's was broken. Good thing we packed our stuff the night before so we just need to get dressed and fix some final stuff before leaving using one small candle.

We checked out of the lodge at about 6am to catch the early ferry boat going to the main land. The jeepney that bought us there was the same one we used to go back to Guijalo Port. We registered first before boarding the small ferry. I think it was P30 for the terminal fee and P5 for the environmental fee. We were the first passengers at that time and we need to wait for other passengers before we finally go.It was another two hour boat ride and we are preparing for our butts to cramp on this long ride.

Camsur Adventure Day 2: Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Manlawi Sand Bar, Cotival and Sabitang Laya

It was the start of our 2nd day at Caramoan. We woke up at 5am because our call time for our next adventure is at 6am. We didn't order breakfast at the inn since we didn't had a good breakfast experience the other day and also, we wanted to try out other places there.

Kuya Yunan brought us to a small eatery named Lutong Bahay at the town.We had LongSiLog there since it was the only breakfast food available. We wanted to have ToSiLog but they would need to buy ingredients first so we opted for the available one. The serving was good and not like the previous breakfast we had. We also had hot chocolate which we craved for the day before.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Camsur Adventure Day 1: Matukad and Gota Beach at Caramoan Islands

 It was Thursday night when we met at Ayala for our 8++ hour trip going to Camsur. This vacation was planned long before and after fitting it to our schedules, we pushed through getting a package from Trek Travel.

As much as I want to plan this trip, I lack resources since most of my favorite forums are blocked in the office and my PC at home is quite slow. Also, I'm still burnout of all the planning since I planned most of the travels I had the past year. I left it to my friends to get a good deal and so, they found Trek Travel which offers the best deal we could ever get to go on a Camsur Trip.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sugarfree Paalam Pilipinas Farewell Concert

Before I go on telling you about my Camsur trip last weekend, I need to post this first to lessen my backlogs. This event was held last Tuesday, March 1, 2011. It was the last time Sugarfree sang to all of its fans before they part ways.

Here I am again, watching Sugarfree for the last time. This time, this is really their last concert together so I won't miss that. I am with my blocmates whom I am with the first time I watched their Farewell Concert Tour at Saguijo and with my High School friend, Kat whom I am with when they are at 19 East. It was held at Eastwood Central Plaza and it is for free for all Sugarfree fans and for everyone who wants to see them for the last time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mobile Blogging at Caramoan

Im here at Caramoan checked in at West Penninsula Villas where Survivor Israel's crew stayed. They left most of the props used in the show here and it is displayed at the open are of the inn. I'll try tp upload pictures. I hope Blogaway works.
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