Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Kitchen

Located at Greenbelt 3 ground floor near the garden area is Kitchen. This is where we decided to have our Friday lunch out. Originally, we planned to eat somewhere else but since we were not decided, our feet broughtus to Greenbelt and since ths is the first restaurant we saw and checked on the prices which are quite affordable, we settled ourselves here.

The place is just small. There are a few tables inside and some are placed outside for more guests. Their interior is not that spacious but they have a high ceiling and nice decorations. They have this small space at the far back which is a bit elevated and curtains are tied on the side. I'm guessing its for private events but on the space it will occupy, I'm also guessing that it is just for decoration purpose.

What we've noticed as we entered here and looked at other guests who are dining is that they have big plates. When I say big, it is really really big!

As we were seated, the crew gave us the menu as well as the utensils and this really cool bottle of water. It is mint water (I guess), which is a bottle of water with mint leaves inside. This is their house water and it tastes refreshing. Here is how it looks like when they serve it:

Kitchen's House Water
 Their dishes vary from pasta, rice meals, appetizers, salads and a lot more. The menu shows a few picture of the dishes but there are more dishes not having pictures there. I ordered Crowned King while others had White Collar, Shelter In, Too Good It's So True, Belly Flop, Pork Barrel. They even had Grand Slam and Black Beauty for dessert.

Crowned King (P250) Fettuccine with Maya Maya and Florentine Sauce
Their plate is so big and the serving is large enough for two people (at least for me) or for a very very hurgry person. The fish I had was crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. The sauce goes well with it. Also the pasta that was drizzled with oil was yummy but it was a bit bland for me even if I ate it with the fish and the bread on the side. I didn't finish it because I was already full and also it was too oily that I didn't want to eat it anymore even if i paired it off with the fish and bread.

I am not sure how the other food tasted like but it looks like they enjoyed it.
White Collar (P235) Assorted Seafood Fettuccine, white sauce, bell pepper and quezo de bola

Pork Barrel (P195) Pork Belly served with fruit salsa, sweet and sour sauce.

Shelter In (P185) Clams tossed in red sauce and Fettuccine pasta.

Belly Flop (P210) Grilled Salmon Belly and garlic vegetables  on pandan rice.

Too Good It's So True (P210) Pan Fried Salmon Belly Laced with onions and yummy bistek tagalog sauce.
Black Beauty (P60) Chocolate Mousse Pudding with whipped cream.

Grand Slam (P90) Crunch butter pastry crust alternately layered with whipped cream topped with chocolate shavings

Anyway, if ever you stopped by at Greenbelt, try this place out. Their food is yummy however you need to save up on some budget since it is not that cheap. It is also a good date place and also for group lunch/dinners with friends of colleagues. I'll be rating this place as a must try but not that highly recommended.

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