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Camsur Adventure Day 2: Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Manlawi Sand Bar, Cotival and Sabitang Laya

It was the start of our 2nd day at Caramoan. We woke up at 5am because our call time for our next adventure is at 6am. We didn't order breakfast at the inn since we didn't had a good breakfast experience the other day and also, we wanted to try out other places there.

Kuya Yunan brought us to a small eatery named Lutong Bahay at the town.We had LongSiLog there since it was the only breakfast food available. We wanted to have ToSiLog but they would need to buy ingredients first so we opted for the available one. The serving was good and not like the previous breakfast we had. We also had hot chocolate which we craved for the day before.

Yummy LongSiLog and Hot Milo for breakfast

We need packed lunch for the trip since we will be eating at an island where we will go so we ordered some lunch there at packed it to go. We only had 3 choices, Pork Adobo, Pork Steak and Pancit.

As soon as we had our packed lunch, we boarded the jeepney to the port. Again, the same jeepney and boat as the one that we had yesterday. This time, our destinations are Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Manlawi Sand Bar, Cotivas and Sabitang Laya.

Near the port in Tabgon
Stairs on the way to the top
Entrance up the shrine
 Our first stop is the Our Lady of Peace Shrine. It is located at Tabgon. From afar, you can see a big white statue of the Blessed Virgin on top of the mountain. As the boat docked the port, two guides assisted us (can't remember their names >.<) to that shrine. It is a long climb going up there, the guides said that it is 500+ steps going up. I was confident because I survive Mt.Tapyas in Coron which has 800+ steps but as we ascend, it was still difficult. good thing I was climbing mountains for some time that I get used to these but still it was tiring. As we reached the top, we had some photo ops with the stature and also with the view of the fields and the other islands of Caramoan. It was an awesome view however, we need to get back to the boat fast because we can see rain clouds going  to our direction.

Our Lady of Peace at close up
View from the shrine down
The descent was not as tiring as the climbing up part. As we got down, we are fulfilled that we reached the shrine. We were just in a bit of a hurry since rain is starting to pour and we still have the rest of the day to go around the islands of Caramoan.

The weather didn't improve much as we sailed to our next destination. The waves are getting strong as we sailed. It was also drizzling and our stuff in the boat are getting really wet. However, instead of panicking, we just enjoy the waves as we ride. I would like to call it wave riding. It was fun and we anticipated every high waves that we come across with. We didn't notice that we are already near to our next destination, Manlawi Sand Bar.
As we crashed into the waves
It stopped drizzling for a while when we noticed that the water is clear that we can see the bottom of it. It was so shallow even if we are still far from the island in front of us.As we approached the island, the water was just knee deep. I think it goes on like this as soon as we saw the clear waters. The stretch of beach is very long, it was sand all over. We got out and swam into the more deeper part of the water (waist deep) and soon decided to explore the island. There are some small huts from afar but guests were already occupying it. We opted just to walk around and take pictures of the place. The wind was quite cold but it didn't stop us from having fun there. After we collected some shells and be fascinated with the unique design patterns of the sand, we headed back to the boat side. This time, more tourists came and one of them brought a starfish. We also wanted some starfish but we were a bit shy to get it when they just left it there. After a while, we went back to the boat to have our lunch. We were delighted that one of the boatman got the starfish and we get to take pictures of it.
The long stretch of sand
We had lunch there at the boat because it started drizzling again. Also, the cottage was full of the other tourists that came there. We just ate at the boat. The packed lunch was yummy and it filled our hungry stomach for that day.
My pork streak, Not so appetizing in the photo but it was really good.
Our starfish, we named him Patrick. lol.

We had troubles with the boat because they had parked it on a very shallow part of the beach. The propeller was a bit deformed and so it gave us some more time to stay there. We didn't go away from the boat and instead played with the starfish. We wanted to know if they could turn right side up if we put it up side down (I know its a bit cruel but we still respect those animals and left it on its natural habitat). After a while we checked on the holes on the sand. It was weird that there was something that touched my feet from one of the holes. I didn't want to know what it was after one of us also felt it on the same spot I stood. It was quite okay for me to know that I wasn't just imagining that. After that, we left the island for our next destination.

The next island that we went to was Cotivas. It was fun sight when we went there because there were a lot of starfish at the shallow waters. We were counting them but soon gave up since they are so many! When we alight the boat, most of us got our own starfish for a bit of competition, whoever gets the starfish turn right side up fastest. It turns out that two starfishes had a areally unique trick of flipping right side up and they won.

Starfish flippin' contest
As we got there, a local was holding a sea urchin in his hand. We didn't quite mind him but soon he already brought 3 sea urchins for us. he told us to hold it and being a (not so) brave sole that I am, I held it. It was like holding a  very thick moving brush. It was scary but fun. I am scared of sea urchins but I get to hold one even for a few seconds, that is something to be proud of!
Scary sea urchin >.<

boat that the kids on the island use
The other island
Its getting cloudy again

The sun was already sunny and we are enjoying the sun for the first time that day. I took pictures of the pretty scenery while others went on snorkeling. One of us stepped on a sea urchin but fortunately she was okay. The rest of our stay in the island was for photo ops and we bid farewell after a while since the tide is getting high.

I thought we are going back already but there was another island that we will go to. It is Sabitang Laya. This island is marked with a magnificent rock formation. It was as if you are about to enter an Elven Kingdom in Lord of the Rings. the place is really pretty.
Pretty rocks of Sabitang Laya
Shore line and clear waters
Rocks up close

We swam and take pictures of the place again. Most of them went snorkeling again from afar. There were other tourists in the place as we go to. Some are from the other side of the island that went to the area where we are staying. It was another amazing island in Caramoan and I am happy that I had been there.

After the last island, we went back. It was amazing that we got to a lot of places and it was just about 6 in the afternoon when we reached West Peninsula Villas. Again, we waited for our turn to take a shower before deciding to eat on a restaurant in town. After dinner, we rested and packed our stuff. We unwind at the bar in the lodge and sang a few songs in the videoke. After a while, it was time to call it a day and we all rested.

To be continued on next post...

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