Saturday, February 19, 2011

Central BBQ Boy Shots

A couple of weeks ago, Ate Neysa arrived for her two months vacation from work. We decided to celebrate and since I saw that Central BBQ Boy Muntinlupa was once again opened, we went there after work. It was a night of food and drinks for us. Mostly food but we still had a few drinks that night.

Central BBQ Boy is famous for its affordable and yummy pulutan. They serve the classic pulutan of the pinoys such as isaw, barbecue, tenga and the likes. They also serve some other pulutan that really pairs good with beer and other cocktail drinks. Speaking of cocktail drinks, they have the best original cocktail mix in town! This is where you will find the famous Bad Boy, Bad Girl and Bad Trip mix. These drinks are like juice but beware for it will make you drunk if you don't stop taking shots.

Central's Bad Trip
As they became more famous and had many branches, their menu and cocktail mixes evolved and soon there is an array to chose from. They have the SOCO Shake Slammer which is a yummy chocolate flavored shake with a kick of alcohol (this is my favorite) and some other more.

So since this place has some new shots in their menu, we went on to try it. Specifically, I tried the Breakup Shot which costs P120 per shot! It was so expensive but since the ingredients for this is quite expensive too, this justifies the price. Breakup Shot is composed of Malibu, Jagermeister, Amarula and Grenadine in a shot glass. You drink it is with a straw, sipping the red grenadine under until you reach the top which doesn't really taste good. A few seconds after drinking it you'll feel the heat and you better watch yourself for this is very strong. But since I have high tolerance for alcohol, it was okay once the nice waiter gave me a glass of water (he was so quick as if everyone who drinks this shot asks for water instantly!).
Breakup Shot (P120 each)
Before we end the night, Macoy, Millet's friend, ordered the Pyramid Shots. We were expecting that it was stacked as a pyramid but it was not. A bit disappointed but still we enjoyed drinking it. The Pyramid Shot consist of 10 shot glasses, Blow Job, Bad Boy, Bad Trip, Southern Comfort, Tequila and some others. I get to request that I have the Flaming Blow Job (B-52). This is the first time I am going to drink this shot and I am a bit excited and nervous since it was flaming. With a straw, I was thinking if I will blow the flame out or just sip it. Since everyone is watching and shouting for me to sip it, I did and the flame died as I got to the bottom. I thought I drank the flame for the liquor that you will sip last is hot. It was good and it is also strong! I am still okay by that time but we need to go home quickly before the alcohol takes effect. So after a while, we went home. Good thing it was only a few minutes from our hose from there.
Pyramid Shot (P300++)

That night was a good night of fun, food and drinks. I love being with my oldest and longest friends, each get together is fun! I was already dizzy as I got home so I immediately got to sleep. :)


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