Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kopi Bun at Kopi Roti

Before we go home last Friday, we went to Kopi Roti for some take out. I always loved their Kopi Bun ever since Buboy brought us some when I was still with my SDK family.

Their small restaurant is beside the other restaurants in the top floor. They sell coffee, tea and other pastries. They also sell some rice dishes there that I think are Asian cuisines. You can watch at the counter how they prepare the drinks and it was cool to watch.

The staff there were friendly and even though we just had take outs, they served us well.

We ordered Kopi Bun mostly but they also tried Chocolate Bun and the Kaya Puffs. I didn't get to see and taste them since I only bought Kopi Buns.
Kopi Bun (P45)

The Kopi Bun is an amazingly big bun. I really like how big it was. It smelled of coffee and it is best eaten warm. As you bite into it, the crust has a yummy crunch and the inside is soft and moist. The center has butter in it which balances the sweetness of the bun. It was so so yummy! I just hope there is a Kopi Roti shop near home or the office so I can enjoy the Kopi Bun regularly.

So if you had a chance to drop by any Kopi Roti, try out the Kopi Bun and all the other pastries they have. I am sure you will love it.

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