Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sugarfree and Sandwich at 19 East

Kat invited me to go to one of Sugarfree's final gigs at 19 East last February 24, 2011. Together with Archie, Ate Joy and Adrian, the five of us went to 19 East to watch Sandwich and Sugarfree.

19 East is a bar in Sucat. It is located along East Service Road right after Sucat Exit going North. The place is overseeing the Laguna Lake on one side. As you enter it, you can see a billiards area and some seats outside the garden like area. On the far side is the music hall where most of the performers play. It is an enclosed area with a 2nd floor and a stage at the far end. Tables are in front of the stage and there is a bar on the side.
Sugarfree and Sandwich at 19 East Music Hall

It was already 9pm when we got there and it was already a standing room. We paid P200 at the entrance and we were warned that it was already a standing room but it was okay. It was okay since there are only a few people by that time. As the night progress, people keep on coming in and it was already getting crowded. It was already 11pm when the show began. We were already standing two hours there and we can feel the tiredness of the day already.

The first performers were Sandwich. I wasn't a big fan of them but I like some of their songs. Most I didn't know that they were the one who sang it. The band is composed of Raymund Marasigan, Myrene Academia, Mong Alcaraz, Diego Castillo and Mike Dizon. That night, they performed some of their songs which includes Sugod, Pera Pera and Betamax to name a few. It was entertaining and I like the way they performed on stage. Even if I'm not a big fan, I enjoyed it. Here is one of their songs that I get to capture on video.

After performing a few songs, it was Sugarfree's turn onthe stage. People are waiting for them and at about 12 midnight they started their performance. Together with their past band members and some who always played with them, they sang about 15 songs. Ebe, Jal, Kaka went on stage together with Mitch and some of their friends who helped them in their gigs. Even if I already heard and memorized most of their songs form the Saguijo gig, it was still fun to sing along again. It was a fun night hearing them again and to hear Jal and Bojie sing their songs. Here are some videos I captured during their performance.
Ebe and Sugarfree

It was crowded once the performance started and there are annoying gay dudes that went in front of us blocking most of the people's view. They were annoying and since we are all tired of standing up it was quite irritating to see them. Also, the waiters there were also annoying. They have a habit of standing in front of the stage just to talk and they keep on passing by blocking the view. I was already hating them thank God Sugarfree's performance takes all the irritation away. Other than that, it was all good.

They are one of the best bands here and I am sad that soon they will not be together anymore. I'll see you all guys on their last gig on March 1! Farewell again Sugarfree!

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