Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Side Trip at Kalayaan Twin Falls

After our climb at Mt. Humarap and Matabungka Falls, we decided to have lunch at Kalayaan Twin Falls. This falls is located at Kalayaan, Laguna near Paete.

We took a jeepney going there for P9 each. The jeepney driver dropped us at the road going there. We walked it and soon found the entrance to the falls. Originally a P40 fee is charged for visitors but since we haggled, they only let us pay P30 each.

Our plan there is to eat lunch and swim for those who like and so we didn't rent any cottages.

As we enter the area, we are greeted with a pool that comes from the falls. It was a bit disappointing since the water looks dirty. There are also some falls on the sides of the pool where you can also dip into. As you climb the stairs near the grotto, you will find the first falls. It is beautiful however the place is quite dirty. We went deeper to the place and found the other falls. It was a pretty scene there minus the garbage on the side. The falls was not as tall as the first one we saw that day but it was still pretty. The sound is soothing and relaxing that we all want to doze off after the tiring climb.
The pool. Water doesn't look so inviting. It needs cleaning. Badly!
Falls at the pool side

We ate our packed lunch there and made sure we didn't leave any garbage anywhere. It was sad that the place is not that clean, you can see several plastic wrappers around. The garbage is ruining the place and to think you need to pay just to be with those garbage. I hope they clean those up.

The second falls at the far side
mini falls that flows down the pool

I opted not to swim at the falls but most of us did. They all had fun climbing the falls and playing around the area. We had lots of photo opt there as we rested.

Sadly, the place was not well maintained. There are plastic wrappers here and there. The water in the pool doesn't look good, the comfort rooms need a major renovation. They have an entrance fee of P40 but I don't see where they use it. There are lots of guests there but still the place isn't as good as you can imagine. I hope they do something about it.

Soon it was time to leave, we grabbed our bags and changed clothes. We headed back the main road and looked for a jeepney going to Sta. Cruz (P20). There we ride the bus. They all got onto buses going to Buendia and Cubao while I to Alabang. Fare is P77 only since I rode an ordinary bus. I slept all the way home tired but fulfilled for another adventure I have conquered.

Till next nature tripping! I hope I would build up the endurance next time around! :)

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