Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet Night at Crepes & Cream

We reserved some room for dessert after our dinner at Krazy Garlik.We planned to have some crepes at Crepes & Cream since we all crave for some crepe.

After we played at the casino, we all went back to the restaurants area to Crepes & Cream for some sweet dessert.

Their place is just small just above Crazy Garlik. They have a few tables and chairs for guests since you can have these treats for take out.

This is the first time I am ordering a sweet crepe here. Other times, I usually order their savory crepes and experiment on what to place inside.

We had Carribean Cruise and Hazelnut Banana Chocolate. We used our membership card at Resorts World for us to have a free Veggie Crepe which contains mushrooms and veggies. We had it for take out and just gave it to Millet.

Carribean Cruise (P99)
 Carribean Cruise with vanilla ice cream, caramelized bananas, chocolate syrup and almonds.

Hazelnut Banana Chocolate (P109)
Hazelnut Banana Chocolate with vanilla ice cream, bananas, nuts and hazelnut chocolate syrup.

Free veggie crepe to go
It was happy food and it was very very yummy! although the other flavors are gone as you go deeper the crepe where only the ice cream remain, it was still good. The banana and nuts with the choco syrup goes well with the vanilla ice cream and crepe.

I missed eating crepes and this satisfied my longing. It's been a while now since I last had this happy food. Hope I don't miss it that much in the days to come.

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