Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dinner at Krazy Garlik

My Friday night gimik for this week is with my longest and oldest friends. It is very rare for us to go out, usually when Ate Neysa is around that we get to bond like this. This time, we tried out Resorts World for a night of fun and enjoyment.

I was still dizzy with last night's gimik event but this will not stop me to bond with my Kalye Friends. And so after work, we met up at Ayala Makati and they fetched me there (because I am late). We headed to Resorts World in Pasay so we can explore the place. Our initial plan is to eat, relax and enjoy. And so we did.

When we got to Resorts World, we first looked for a place to have dinner. We went around the mall and looked for a nice place to dine. We saw Gian Magdangal in one of the restaurants and so we were tempted to dine there but as soon as we saw Krazy Garlik, we decided to dine there instead. Fortunately though, Gian transferred to Starbucks which is just beside Krazy Garlik and so, we still get to see him lolz.

We were seated outside the restaurant since the place is just small and only a few tables are inside. They extend outside to accommodate other guests. They have a nice place and on a corner they have garlic stuff toys which we failed to ask if they sell it. The staff is friendly and they attend to our every need. They are also good in memorizing the order since when we decided to order, they don't have any pen and paper to jot down our orders. It was great that they do that and they ask us every time to confirm our order. I would rate them 10 in their courtesy to us.

We ordered different dishes and it was difficult to decide since the menu has few pictures of the food. I suggest they cut down the other photos there that is not food (they have pictures of people in the menu) and place the ones in their menu so that guests could easily decide. It is because, people get to eat with their eyes first so they rely on seeing the food first before eating it.

The dishes served there consist mostly of overloading it with garlic.Their dishes will appeal more to those people who enjoy the garlic flavor. I don't like garlic that much but their dishes are very yummy with the additional kick of garlic in it. I was initially converted of being a garlic fan!

Our order that night was their Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef, Gambas Al Ajillo, Sweet and Sour Calamari, Garlic Fried Rice and their Madhatter's Tea.

Madhatter's Tea (P180)
  The Madhatter's Tea is a mix of Iced Tea, Minute Maid and Lime Soda. It cost a bit pricey since the glass is so small. It was kind of bitin for us but the taste is very very delicious. We all thought it is in a tall glass but it was still okay since we enjoyed it.

Garlic Fried Rice (P125)
The Garlic Fried Rice is the classic fried rice with lots of garlic. It was good. It was a bit sticky but it goes well with the dishes we had.

Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef (P255)
The Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef is really good. Although I cannot taste the garlic flavor, it still gives a hint of it. It was just sliced too big that we need to cut it into pieces so we can all share it. Also, they gave a really large serving spoon when a for will do. Anyway, it was good with the rice and I like the sauce and sesame flavor on the tender beef.

Gambas Al Ajillo (P310)
The Gambas Al Ajillo was aslo yummy although the serving is really small. I just had 2 pieces of shrimp so that we can all get a taste of it. The oil was infused with the garlic and it gives a good flavor to the shrimp. Although I am not sure but the shrimp is a bit tough. Maybe it is how it really is but anyway it was still bitin but it was yummy too.

Sweet and Sour Calamari (P295)
The Sweet and Sour Calamari was the best dish I tasted that night. The crispy squid was topped with the sauce which complements it well. The squid was not tough and is very yummy. Together with the veggies on it, this dish goes well with the rice. You should try this one when you get the chance.

After we ate, the manager gave us a discount card. I am not sure why but maybe because I keep on taking pictures of the dishes. Hope they see this blog post though. I am not sure now where the discount card is.
Discount on your next visit!

Krazy Garlik is a must eat place for all the foodies out there especially if you are fan of garlic in food. You may not enjoy it though if you are sensitive to its smell but still this place is a must eat place. You be the judge when you go here.

Happy Eating!

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