Monday, October 15, 2012

Dinner at Yakimix

To celebrate my brother's birthday, we had a family dinner at Yakimix at Hobbies of Asia in Pasay City. It was bit far and we expect less people so that there would be no waiting or reservation needed. True enough, when we got there, there are a lot of vacant tables and we didn't have any difficulty finding a place to sit.

Yakimix in Hobbies of Asia is located along Macapagal Blvd. It is a small place and the area is lined with restaurants where they accept paluto. I am not sure how to get there by public transport except if your ride a cab. It is near SM Mall of Asia but you really need a car to get there.

Generally, the place is spacious. The dining area is all lined up at the corners and centers. Each table could seat around 6 people. 4 if you want more space and food on the table. They also have longer ones for bigger groups. Each table has a grill in the middle for all the cooking you want.

The buffet cost PHP650 per person on weekends and holidays. It is around PHP500 plus on weekdays. If you have left overs, you need to pay an extra hundred pesos. Also, if you want to avail of the unlimited drinks, it is an additional PHP75.

The whole place with dining guests

Their tables with the grills on top

As you get to the buffet area, you are greeted with arrays of different kinds of food. There are the raw ones which ranges from beef, pork, chicken and sea foods. You can choose whichever and cook it at the grill on the table. The raw food are good with the sauces but just cook them well since most of the meat are cut in big pieces. When not cooked properly, you may be eating raw meat. Also, seafood cook quickly so watch out to avoid them from getting tough. Go with the strips of meat, they cook quickly and taste good.

raw meat to be cooked

yummy grilled food!

There are also soups and side dishes on one side. I was excited to find Kimchi and some pickled radish. They are the one I missed most since my last visit from Korea. As you go around, there are rice and some dishes you would surely enjoy. I liked the Lechon Kawali and the Tempura, though I couldn't find it's dipping sauce.

sushi, kimchi, pickled radish, tempura, pork siomai, baked oysters, chapche! yum!

At the back is a sushi heaven! I simply loved this area and I just grabbed everything I see there. It was all delicious and a lot to choose from. It makes my mouth water just remembering how each variety taste. And yes, I am craving for it right now. Beside the sushi is the salad area. I didn't get much there except for some greens and vegetables.


At the other side is the dessert area. There are fresh fruits and there are a lot of choices. There are ice cream with your choice of toppings and Halo-Halo too. There are also a lot of pastries to choose from. There are cakes, coffee jelly, pudding and a lot more.

vanilla and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles

coffee jelly

leche flan/pudding

Surely, we finished all we placed in our plates and on our second plates. We had a lot of fun choosing which dish to eat and a lot of fun eating too. It is truly filling. I think it is a nice birthday treat for my brother and a treat for me for finishing all the stuff I am doing for the past four months.

For the price, I say it was a bit too much, but considering that it has a lot of sushi, It is quite okay. I think I'll only go back here on special occasions since it is a bit pricey. But definitely, I enjoyed the food here. Lots of selection and yummy.

BC 25 Hobbies of Asia,
D Macapagal Blvd
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
Tel. No. (02) 387-8120

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