Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dinner at Caramoan: Seaporch Grill and Restobar

We wanted to try some other restaurant for dinner on our second night at Caramoan. Kuya Yunan of Trek Travel recommended us a newly opened restaurant just in front of an inn in Centro. It was named Seaporch Grill and Restaurant. We went there before we get back to the lodge just to order and asked them if it would be ready by 7pm just in time when we return there after taking a bath.

The interior is just small, about 2-3 tables for large groups. There is a videoke machine just beside the main counter. They serve grilled food and other dishes too.

We ordered Sinigang na Malasugi, Tuna Sisig, Pork Sisig, Grilled Pusit, Laing and Bicol Express.

Sinigang na Malasugi (P80)

Inihaw na Pusit (P45/100g)
Tuna Sisig (P80)
The Sinigang na Malasubi, Tuna Sisig and Grilled Pusit was very tasty. I think it was fresh that is why it tasted good. I like the Tuna Sisig best. The tuna was made also of Malasubi which is I think is a blue fin tuna (correct me if I am wrong).

Pork Sisig (P80)

Laing (P25)

Bicol Express (P25)

Of course, we wanted (again) to have a taste of the authentic Bicolano food and the Laing and Bicol Express were both delicious. However, the Bicol Express wasn't that hot compared to the one we tasted the night before. the Laing was better here, though.

Our total bill was around P600. It was so cheap yet it filled our hungry tummies. I love the food here and recommend this to anyone who would like to visit the place in Caramoan. Although their service is not that good, it was forgiven given that they are not accustomed to large number of people there since they are new. Maybe in time they'll get to improve so as for now, I would just recommend you here for the food.

It was a nice dining in here and after our dinner, we walked back to the lodge. It was time for us to rest and call it a night.

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