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Place to Stay at Caramoan: West Peninsula Villas

On our Caramoan Adventure, we are booked by Kuya Yunan of Trek Travel on West Peninsula Villas upon our request. We were charged an additional P200 each since the accommodation here are a bit expensive compared to what Kuya Yunan recommended on his package.

The lodge is located a bit far from the Centro which is the center of the town. It is situated at the end of a small one way road. A jeepney can go in it but it would be easier if you just walk on foot. The road is not all cemented and since it was raining when we were there, it is quite muddy.

Billiards for recreation in the lodge
At the far end of the road is the entrance of the villa. As you enter, you can see the nice looking houses which are the rooms guest could occupy. The main receiving area has some photo albums of the islands of Caramoan and some snapshots of the Survivor Israel that was shot there in Caramoan. At the large space between the rooms, there is a billiards table where guests can play. Across it is the dining area where they serve meals for the guests. On another open area across the dining area is where Survivor props are displayed. It was cool to see the actual stuff they had used in the show. At the far side of the compound is a small bar where you can unwind at the end of the day and buy some drinks while enjoying a song on the videoke machine.

The staff there told us that Survivor Israel's crew stayed there and at that very same place, some of the reward challenges took place. They even had pictures of the participants in their album which is very cool.

Props left by Survivor Israel

We had the room located at the far side of the place near the bar. It looks like an abandoned building but actually, there are two rooms there. There are tree but the other one is used as a storage room. As you enter, you are welcomed by a small sala going to the two rooms. The larger room can accommodate 4 people while the other, two but we opted to have an extra bed for another person to fit in.

Rooms in West Pen

Our room was clean and is very nice. It had a small cabinet and dresser for our stuff. It has a television set and an extra fan if ever you don't want to use the air conditioning. The bathroom is clean and it comes with dry towels for the guests. It is comfortable staying there.
Our room
Bathroom in our room
We played with the room's towels and made it into animals

Their restaurant offers meals and we get to try it. Our first meal was our breakfast when we arrived. We had the usual SiLog meals. I had TapSiLog while others had LongSiLog, HotSiLog and the danggit with Egg and rice.
My breakfast: TapSiLog with coffee (I had the eggs scrambled)

We were quite disappointed with the serving because it seems like the meat is just good for half a serving. Good thing there is an egg to add to the meal since I don't eat much rice. Also the coffee comes free with the meal. All their breakfast meal is P100 and we think that it wasn't worth the price.

Even if were not satisfied with the breakfast, we still opted to order there for our dinner. This time, to make sure, we added an extra serving of the dishes just to make sure we will be all full for dinner.

We ordered a Whole Fried Chicken, a Whole Buttered Chicken, 7 servings of rice, Laing, Bicol Express, and Shrimp Rebusado. We were surprised that the dishes we ordered had really big servings. We had difficulty consuming all, thanks for the boys who finished it all.

Fried Chicken (P250, 1 whole)
Buttered Chicken (P250, 1 whole)
Shrimp Rebusado (P160)
Laing (P75)
Bicol Express (P60)
We took the opportunity to have a taste of Laing and Bicol Express especially that we are in Bicol and I can say that it was the spiciest Bicol Express that I have tasted so far and I like it. Also the Laing was good. Nothing beats authentic dishes cooked in its home town.

Our bill was only about P900 and for all that food it was all worth it. We were all full and contented with the dishes we had. Their dishes are worth it and the small serving of breakfast we had was already forgiven that night.

What we don't like on our stay there is that there are a lot of frogs in our area. I think it was because of the fields behind our room but it was quite scary to find a hopping frog in our place. Thank God they didn't get to enter our rooms. Also, on our last day there, we didn't had any electricity because the generator was broken on our side. We were just provided with a single candle and it was difficult to do the things we need to do. Other than those, it was a good place to stay.

Overall, the lodge was good, their service is great and we had a nice time staying there. I just hope that the constructions would be finished soon so that guests could enjoy the place more.

You can visit their website (link below) if you would like to inquire about their rooms and rates. You can also see there more pictures of their place.

West Peninsula Villas


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