Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Super Bowl of China

It was Blu's last day at Smart so we decided to have a last Lunch Out with him. We decided to eat at Super Bowl of China at Glorietta 4 together with his team and the MasterCard team which he worked with.

We dined so many times there before and the place is very spacious. There are several tables for all kinds of guests weather its a large or small group. The entire restaurant is decorated with photos of happy customers that I think was taken candid. There are crew walking around selling dim sum if you would like to have some extra orders. They are friendly and accommodates the guests quickly.

They serve Chinese dishes here and most of the serving are for group sharing. They offer a complementary snack (Kropek) while waiting for the food. It was nice since the food takes time to come and you need to calm your hungry tummy with something and the kropek was perfect.

We ordered  Super Bowl Lemon Chicken, Sliced Beef with Broccoli, Yang Chow Fried Rice and a fish dish which I am not sure what it is called.

Sliced Beef with Broccoli (P299)

Super Bowl Lemon Chicken (P260)

The Sliced Beef with Broccoli is one of my favorite dishes here. We often copy this dish at home. I like the way the broccoli is still crunchy as you bite into it and the beef was just tender. The sauce goes well with both the beef and the veggies. Another of my favorites here is the Super Bowl Lemon Chicken which has a crispy skin and moist meat. It is just perfect with the sweet and sour flavor of the lemon sauce. I usually cover the chicken with the sauce before eating it and it makes me drool now just imaginin' it.

Fish dish with salad sauce
Another dish we ordered is a fish dish covered in a thick batter and deep fried topped with a fruit and mayo sauce. I really don't know how this is called since the dishes was pre-ordered when we arrived there and I didn't get to ask what it was. I checked the restaurant's website and it doesn't show what this dish is called so I hope someone tells me what this is. Anyway, the dish inside is yummy even if it was covered mostly with the batter. It was a bit bland and if you don't place some sauce on it, you could not finish one roll of the fish. Overall it was still good but I only finished a roll because of the overflowing food we had.

Their Yang Chow Fried Rice was also good. I didn't get to have a photo of it but it was composed of vegetables, meat and some shrimp all fried with the rice for a yummy dish. It was a dish on its own but since there are some other dishes on the table, we still combined it with them.

You can also ask them for tea if you feel like you ate too much. It eases the heavy stomach and it is a nice way to end the meal. We asked for a pot and it was shared by everyone.

The food there is yummy, the crew is friendly and accommodating, service is good. The only drawback is the time for the food to arrive, other than that, it was all good and the dishes are filling. This place is recommended for group dining especially with the family. It is a nice place so check this one out! Happy Eating!

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