Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Chubby's Rib Shack

It was another Friday and Friday means Lunch Out day! This time, We tried Chubby's Rib Shack which is located at Solaris One Bldg. along Dela Rosa Street in Makati. They are located besides Army Navy and Buffalo Wings and Things, which by the way is also part of their place.

Their place is average sized and it connects to Buffalo Wings and Things on the other side. You can also order there if you want. They can accommodate large groups and small ones too. The place is decorated with fire woods and everything is just wood all around.

The jam packed Chubby's Rib Shack
When you go there at lunch time, get ready to wait since the entire place is jam packed and you need to be wait listed before you get seated. While waiting you can order so that you'll not wait for your food when you get seated.

They mainly serve steaks and ribs. They serve it with rice or other side dishes. They offer set meals and platters and their price is just okay, a bit pricey but since the servings is large, it is fine.
The dishes we tried are Shack Special A which is Chubby Chicken Fingers with BBQ, Fries, and Iced Tea, Shack Specials C which is Rib Shoulder, Honky Tonk Rice and Iced Tea, and Chubby's Special BBQ Platter Pulled Pork on Texas Toast Platter and BBQ Rib Shoulder Platter.

Chubby's Special BBQ Platter Pulled Pork on Texas Toast Platter with Coleslaw and Honky Tonk Rice (P224)

Shack Specials C: Rib Shoulder, Honky Tonk Rice and Iced Tea (P234)

Shack Special A:Chubby Chicken Fingers with BBQ, Fries, and Iced Tea (P199)

Chubby's Special BBQ Platter BBQ Rib Shoulder Platter with Honky Tonk Rice and Seasonal Veggies (P234)
The ribs that I ordered (I ordered Shack Special C) was good. Although it was not that fall-off the bone type, the sauce and the tender meat was yummy. It was just a bit difficult to get all the meat off the bones and it takes time to really clean them off. The rice was also good and goes well with the meat. I also get to taste the Chicken Fingers (Shack Special A) and it was also yummy. Maybe because of the BBQ sauce. You can choose from the Honey BBQ, Homestyle BBQ and Cayenne BBQ sauces. The Honey BBQ is the sweeter one, the Homestyle BBQ is their regular sauce and the Cayenne BBQ is the spicy, which by the way was really spicy so be warned.

Overall, the rib experience was good and the meal was really filling. It is a nice and recommended lunch out place, however, lunch hour in Makati means waiting a long time to be seated so be prepared if you opt to go there during those hours. I would recommend this place and also Buffalo Wings and Things which is their partner store (I think) because I have tried the wings out and it was also great. Happy Eating!


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