Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buying Pasalubong at Loumar's Cafe

I just remembered that I will blog this place we found in Tagaytay. It is called Loumar's Cafe. They sell Buko Tarts here and other pasalubong. We knew this from Kat who said that the buko tart here is good. We actually called it "Buko Buko Buko Buko" because Kat stuttered when she was telling it to us (*lol*).

On our way back to Manila from our Sta.Rosa-Tagaytay roadtrip, we stopped by Loumar's Cafe. Thier place is so nice. They have a sort of garden outside the store and as you go inside, They have a lot of pastries for
pasalubong. The most popular among them is the Buko Tart. It looks like a small buko pie that you can eat solo. You can buy it in box of 9's and it costs around P130.

They also serve coffee there (That's why it is called a Cafe, duh!) and they have cozy seats for people to relax and enjoy the brew. I think you could also stay outside if the weather is good. They have a nice Christmas light decorated garden which is relaxing too. I hope to chill in this place in my future visits.

Entrance to the store


I bought a box of assorted pies. They have mango, apple, buko, tutti fruity, etc. in it. I can't decide so I opted for it. Anyway, It will be my mom and dad and brother who will eat it. I will just have a taste.

By the way,Kat was right, this Buko Tarts taste really really good. It has the right sweetness and you could taste the buko flavor (I get to taste buko) in every bite. Same goes for the other flavor as I asked my mom. She said it was also good.
Assorted Tarts

So, next time you pass by Loumar's Cafe, stop by and have a taste of this yummy treat!


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