Sunday, December 12, 2010

Preview of the 2011 Belle de Jour Power Planner

I won a 2011 Belle de Jour Power Planner for the second time! yey! The first time I won, I got picked at as one of their winners in a contest. I already bought one and so I sold it to my office mate. This time, I got one for answering a BDJ survey and suggesting something to improve the planner. I wasn't expecting that my suggestion be picked but they did and I am so thankful since I will not buy one for 2011. Here is their email to me:

CONGRATULATIONS YOUR IDEA HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN THE 2011 BDJ PLANNER =) As promised, you get a 2011 BDJ Power Planner for free.
You can claim your FREE 2011 BDJ Power Planner at the BDJ FAIR – OCT 24, at VENICE PIAZZA, MC KINLEY HILL, anytime from 2-9pm=)
Please look for DIANE TY in the SELLING AREA in the Main Tent. =)

Details on the BDJ FAIR are below=)  Directions (attached)

But I didn't get to go to the event because I had other plans on that day. And also, I read it too late since the mail was in my spam folder.*major FAIL!!*

I emailed BDJ team in the hopes of getting my free planner. I wasn't really hoping but they replied and heard my plea! I thought that they will have another event and I could get it there but they were so very very kind and they said that they would deliver it to me. WOW! They were really great! And so, after 2 days, I got my planner, delivered at home! here it is...

Front Cover

 I got the spring bind one. They have another one which is like a book. I didn't get to chose but who cares, it's free! weeeee!

"Great things are not done by impulse, but by series of small things brought together" -Vincent Van Gogh

Your goals and plans for the year 2011
This is where my idea gets applied. At the back of the coupon, there is a place where the store/sponsor could rip off the coupon specifying which part is to be returned to the customer. I thought of the idea after several store didn't want the coupon be ripped off. They were not informed about it and I have to explain over and over. I complained once to BDJ and they called the store but I didn't return to them anymore. Hopefully this will solve the problem. See image below at the left side (back of coupon). I'm so proud! ^___^
Coupons! They still have the coupon completion promo
Articles which are really helpful at the start of every month

Daily Activities, meeting, anything you want to put in there
The calendar is now placed before each month starts

The improved bills/expense tracker

In addition to the main planner, they included a small notebook (BDJ Essentials) which can be brought to meetings or anywhere you like. It contains several pages for planning a project, some space for notes and an emergency card found at the back. I think this will be very useful but I kinda miss the notepad that comes with 2010 planner.
BDJ Essentials Notebook

Important Events Tracker

Important events tracker

I was also given a Belle De Jour lifestyle card. It says that you can get discounts on stores upon presenting it. I am still not sure what stores will participate but I am looking forwardon using this.

Belle de Jour Lifestyle Card

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2011
 I want to write on it already! This is really a nice way to start my 2011, a new year, a new chapter of my life!

So for those of you who wants to avail of this, you can get a copy on local book stores and make your 2011 fab with this planner.

Till next post!


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