Monday, December 13, 2010

Twistix: A Unique Potato Snack

We were at Festival Mall Alabang for our weekly grocery when we noticed small stalls just outside Shopwise Supermarket. Christmas is fast approaching and they placed it there for shoppers to come by and see their products. One of the stalls there was a food stall which is very new to us so we decided to try it there after we do our grocery.

Twistix is a new snack stand wherein they sell potato chips served in a unique way. You can notice long sticks with spring-like strips wrapped around it. It is the potato which is thinly sliced and is in a spring-like form. They are deep fried and seasoned with powdered flavoring of your choice.
Twistix: right, fried potatoes, left, ready for frying

Sprinkling it with flavor
We decided to try out the Regular size since we thought that they don't have the small sized one. They quickly got a whole potato and inserted a long stick on it. They used a machine to slice the potato very thinly in a spring-like manner. They arranged the potato on the stick before deep frying it in a very hot oil. After frying, excess oil is removed before the powder flavoring is sprinkled. Then it is placed in a plastic bag long enough for the stick.

We learned that the sizes depends on the weight of the potato. This snack is guaranteed 100% natural since you can watch them create it out of a whole potato. It was really fun watching it (by the way).

It comes in several flavors, barbecue, cheese, sour cream, etc. You can even ask then for two flavors and they will gladly do it for you.

The flavor, just like the potato chips you buy on grocery only that you know that this is the real thing and no other ingredient (except the flavoring) is added. Guaranteed 100% natural!

We were wondering if they're open for franchise but we think that they are just starting. So whenever you get an opportunity, you should try this one. I am sure that if you watched them make the snack, you'll enjoy it and at the same time you are sure that what you eat is natural.

Enjoy your Twistix the moment you get to grab one! :)

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