Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hoping that Luck is on My Side

Since Joanna has overflowing luck the past weeks, She decided to try it out again. We went to a Lotto outlet a while ago to get a ticket. We didn't have any numbers in mind and so we opted for a lucky pick. We bet on the 6/55 Grand Lotto which will draw tonight at 9pm. Yeah only minutes from when I am writing this. I hope that she showered me with some luck a while ago.

I hope I'll win! I hope I'll win!!

I blocked the numbers if ever I'll win, you will not know. (Bwahahaha! >:)) Just kidding. It is when I didn't win that you don't get to laugh at me.

Anyway, the time we bought the tickets we started day dreaming. Yeah, we imagine what will we do with the 30 million jackpot prize. That's what we've learned with Emvin, to space out for a while and imagine being rich, filthy rich!

So readers, wish me luck because any minuite now I might be a millionaire. For now I'll be singing...

I wanna be a millionaire so freakin' bad!... lol!

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