Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rockin' with SmartHub at Casa Armas

I should have posted it last night but I panicked when I remembered that it was already December 16 and a few hours form that moment, I will get up for Simbang Gabi (This is for another post), It was already 1am and I only have 3 hours to sleep! X___X

Anyway,we had our first ever Christmas Party for Smart Hub, Inc. at Casa Armas Tapas Bar y Restaurante in Greenbelt 3. We rented the whole place. It
was just small just right for 50 employees to have fun that night.

Since the place was reserved, the tables are arranged around and a small space is allotted at the middle for the performers that night. There is a bar at the far corner and a buffet table perpendicular to it.

The food they served are in a controlled buffet style. The dishes they served that I remembered are Potato Balls, some sort of omelet with a creamy white dip (I am not sure what it is but I liked it), Seafood Paella, some sort of seafood dish, a chicken dish and Callos. They also served Caesar Salad and some dessert. This is how my plate looked like, I wanted to taste all so I grabbed small portions of each.
All the dishes in my plate! yumm!! :)
In general, the food is good. I didn't like the Potato Balls because I think It lacked some flavor, maybe if it had some dip, it would improve the taste, I liked the omelet (beacause of the dip), Paella, Caesar Salad, and Callos. The chicken and seafood dish were just so-so. One problem, though, is because it was a controlled buffet, most of us got bitin since most are shy to go back and have second rounds. I bet these dishes are pricey when you dine in there, but I'm only guessing (because Internet connection is painfully slow and I cannot research on the place).

After dinner, we had our presentations. Our theme was Decades of Rock so most of us are in rock star costumes. We are divided into groups and each had their own decade for the presentation. Luckily, we got the 90's era, Easier because we all had lived this decade. Our group played and sang the hits of the 90's. We started with Pare Ko - Eraserheads, Runaway Train - Soul Asylum, Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Guns N Roses, Zombie - The Cranberries and finished it with What's Up - 4 Non Blondes
Sherry a.k.a Axl Rose
Sir Reich as... uhmmm.. rock on Sir Reich! lol

I sang most of the songs here especially What's Up since I didn't know that I was the only one who knew the lyrics. X___X

Guess what? We won! *yey! yey! we're so great* and had a 1.5K worth of Starbucks Gift Certificate (almost all prizes that night are Starbucks GC's -__-).

After that we had some raffles, I won P500 worth of Starbucks GC (I'm beginning to think that they are our major sponsor). I'm thinking now who to treat with this (raise you're hands now! *wink*)
P500 worth of GC's.. lots of coffee, enough for me to stay awake for the rest of December!
Then we had this really fun exchange gift. It is called White Elephant Gift Exchange. Here are the rules for the game:
  • Each participant will draw a number.
  • Person #1 will get a gift and unwrap it.
  • Person #2 will choose if he wants to steal Person #1's gift or unwrap another.
  • Person #3 will choose to steal or unwrap, if he chooses to steal, the person who had his gift stolen will have another option to steal or unwrap.
  • It will repeat until all had the opportunity to decide to steal or unwrap and when all the gifts are gone.
There are also some variations here like what we did, we only let the gift be stolen once so we could save time. It was very exciting especially when one opens a hot item and everyone wants to steal it. Everyone wants the Starbucks mug and tumbler but no one at this point wanted the GC's in the gift pool (too many Starbucks GC's for the night!! X___X).

I got a book from this and I stole it (evil me)! Sorry Ms Jing but I really want the book and no one else wanted to steal it. 
Dan Brown's Lost Symbol! yey! at last I can read this..

After that, we had another round of raffles and Rustan's GC's are up for grabs, We also had the awarding ceremony where two of our group mates won best costumes. We are really proud of our group!

Beers are at the counter and it is time to party! It was really fun night.

Merry Christmas Smart Hub, Inc.!
*I hope to place the pictures here but I need to research first how to put lots of pictures on blog posts.

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