Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aqua Doodle: Drawing Mat for Kids

My cousin Joyce asked me a favor the other day to look for Toy Town in Glorietta 3 to buy a gift for her little daughter, Kaile. She asked me to look for Aqua Doodle, a toy for kids that will enable them to write doodles without staining the floors and walls. How does this work? They use water-only drawing tool that is non toxic and is very safe for children. This means that the marker only contains water and will only work on the mat provided. The writings will soon disappear in time and new doodles can be written.

I went at Glorietta yesterday, and I forgot the name of the toy store and ended up in Toys R Us. They are out of stuck so I tried my luck at Toy Kingdom, where the sales ladies doesn't know of this toy. So my cousin decided to call Toy Town to reserve one if ever they have a stock. I, on the other hand, managed to figure out where Toy Town is so I went back there to get the reserved toy. Fortunately my cousin called because as I got there, it was the only one left! *Thank God I need not to look for it and explain to sales ladies what is it*

I bought it and as I got home, took pictures of it. Kaile will not be able to read this blog so It is safe to post her Christmas gift here. *hehe*

I wish I was a child again so that I could also have this Christmas gift, it looks fun! Anyway, I just took pictures of it and wait 'till Kaile opens and use it on Christmas. I hope I would be able to play with it even a bit. I'll post updates if I ever did. *wink*


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