Friday, December 24, 2010

Design a Smile from Havaianas Philippines and Operation Smile

Millet and I had a girl date yesterday and we thought of looking for the new designs of Havaianas. I was planning to buy one since the one my AA Family gave me 2 birthdays ago was broken ='( .

We first looked at Glorietta but we decided to check out their branch at Greenbelt 5.This branch is much more convenient for shoppers since it has less crowd. Also there are designs here that we didn't find at the Glorietta branch.

After much thought and asking for sizes, I settled for this:

Unique color! Thanks Millet for picking!

I asked if they honor Belle de Jour Coupons and they said yes, upto 5 pairs! Yes 5 pairs in one coupon! I love that coupon so much!

Millet decided to buy the pair she was eyeing since we enterd the store. She wanted to reserve it 'till next week since she didn't brought her coupon but since we can use the coupon for upto 5 pairs she quickly looked for her size. Here is what she got:
This style only the Havs is gray and the strap is purple

I also wanted a pair like hers but I'm already out of budget since I am reserving my savings for a big ticket item (I'm sooo excited for that, I'll blog about it as soon as I already have it). Maybe next time, but since we have the same size, maybe I can borrow it (hehehe =P).

As we were waiting for the stocks at the counter we noticed a poster there. It is for Havaianas Design A Smile. In partnership with Operation Smile,a private, non-profit organization that helps children with cleff pallet through medical missions to bring back the smiles in children, Havaianas Philippines held a contest for childrens 5 to 12 to design the soles of the slippers. The chosen 10 is now posted in their website and perople need to vote for the winning design. Voting period is from December 1 to Jabuary 7, 2011. The winning design will be produced and sold here in the Philippines and a percentage of the proceeds of the sale shall be donated to Operation Smile.

Here is the mechanics for voting:
SMS and MMS voting

The ten (10) winners of Havaianas Design a Smile will be posted online at Starting December 1, 2010m these winners will become the finalist for Havaianas Design a Smile - Part II.
Log on to to view the finalists. The ten (10) finalists design shall be available for MMS download. Public can vote and download for the designs starting 12:00NN on December 1, 2010 to 5:00PM January 7, 2011.

Follow these steps to vote

Step 1: Register
– Text: havs[space]vote[space]design number, your name, age, email address
– Send to 2256
– Registration already counts as a vote
– First time voters must register to validate votes
– Cost: Php 2.50 / text

Step 2: Vote via SMS or by downloading MMS pictures
(1) To vote via SMS,
– Text: havs[space]vote[space]design number.
– Then send to 2256
– SMS votes count as 1 vote
– Cost: Php2.50 / text
(2) To vote by downloading MMS pictures,
– Text: havs[space]vote[space]MMS[design number].
– Then send to 2256
– MMS download count as 10 votes to the downloaded design
– Cost: Php15/ download
– Voting and downloading of MMS starts December 1, 2010 and ends on January 7, 2011.
*Proceeds of the SMS and MMS voting will be donated to Operation Smile.

I just voted, you should too because it is for a good cause. Also, once the winner is declared and the design is produced, buy a pair so that we can further help the organization bring smiles to children.

Proof that I have voted! :)

This is a small step in sharing the blessings that we recieve so let's do our part and help those in need! Happy voting! :)

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