Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late Lunch at Kanin Club

I always wanted to try this place out because of a review I read few years back. At that time, Kanin Club has only 2 branches, Paseo de Sta. Rosa and Westgate, Alabang. Today, they already have a branch in UP Technohub and another one has just opened at Makati Triangle Gardens. So what is so special about this place? Well, for me, when you say Kanin Club, I think of Crispy Dinuguan. Yes, you heard it right, Crispy Dinuguan (I won't repeat because I might start drooling at the very thought of it).

 We went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa before our planned EK adventure for some late lunch. I planned to go here initially but there are a lot of wait listed people plus, no one accommodates us as we stand at the front of the restaurant. We decided to look for another place. Unfortunately, TOSH and Grilla also didn't accommodate us so we decided to go back at Kanin Club and at that time there were no longer wait list (even though they told us there is but we are the only new customer who got there). We were seated outside because there are no available seats inside. The interior is just small and there is a small area wherein you could rent (I think) because there is a pull out door for private functions. I didn't really get to see most of the inside but I think it is also good to eat there.

This is the food we had:

Crispy Dinuguan (P233)

 The Crispy Dinuguan is not your usual dinuguan dish. It s consist of deep fried pork in a thick sauce made of blood's pig. It is very good almost like eating chicharon with every bite. Even non-dinuguan eaters will like it. One of us don't eat dinuguan yet she enjoyed this dish! At last I finally tasted this and it was really good as the reviews I read about it.

Kalderetang Baka (P253)
 This dish is also yummy but I think the sauce is too much and there are less meat in their serving.

Aligue Rice (P266)
 The menu says it is worth the extra hours in the gym and it sure is. This rice is a dish to itself already. It is flavorful and yummy!

Seafood Kare Kare (P267)
You don't actually need the bagoong (fish paste) for this dish is already yummy. Only drawback is there are just a few shrimps :( .

Have you noticed that all our dishes are in the shade of orange? Well, we noticed that and we all laughed about it. Good thing we have the dinuguan for a different color.

We ordered dessert and it is their own version of turon, the Kanin Club Turon ala Mode

KC Turon ala Mode (P120)

This is very yummy. They have banana, ube, red beans and macapuno wrapped in a lumpia wrapper. Caramelized sugar is drizzled on top with some sesame seeds. It is served with an ice cream on top in contrast to the hot filling inside the turon. This is very very yummy and a must try!

Their food is good, yummy and affordable. The only thing I didn't like is their service. They have really really slow service! Have I mentioned that no one accommodated us as we were looking for seats there. If I didn't ask them, they will not entertain us. The food took a very long time to be served and even the bill >_< . We wanted to cancel the dessert on the last minute good thing they already served it. But it took us another decade for the bill to come. I hope they improve in this aspect.

I am very happy, generally in this experience. I would defensibly go back if given a chance. Yummyfood, good price! I just love it!

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