Saturday, April 13, 2013

Place to Stay in Brunei: Brunei Youth Hostel (Pusat Belia)

On our short stay in the small country of Brunei, we stayed at the Brunei Youth Hostel (Pusat Belia) at Bandar Seri Begawan. The place was just a short walk to the nice places you can go to in this country. Lucky for us, we were pre-booked by our friend. This place is definitely cheap and is perfect for backpackers who want to have a great stay here in Brunei.

The place is huge and it even have a big pool for the guests. They have common areas and some internet place where guests can rent a computer. They also have a cafeteria. We didn't get to go around the whole hostel and just stayed at the front area where we could catch up some WiFi and stay connected online.
Rules in the hostel

I think this place is an activity center for the youth there. They can have different activities here since there are a lot of facilities in the place.

Swimming Pool

Front Area of the Hostel

Hallway to the Dorm Area

Playground for Kids

We stayed in separate dorm rooms. Boys are separated from girls here. They have a common bathroom for each dorm which means you will have to share with other people here, so be nice and think of other people who will be using it after you.

The girls dorm room

The common bathroom is quite clean. However, you have the duty to keep it clean. It has several cubicles with toilet and two shower rooms for bath. It was quite uncomfortable taking a bath there, but I got used to it since I'll be just doing it once or maybe twice for the whole stay.

Girl's common toilet and bathroom

Upon checking in, you will be given a copy of the main key since you share a room. Be sure to always lock the doors for everyone's safety. Also, upon checking out, you just need to drop the keys at the reception since there is seldom someone staying there. There is a box there for the keys.

This is a pretty cheap place since it only cost around BND30 per night. I think this is the best place to stay here if you'll be out all day touring and just needs a place to sleep and take a bath.

Well I guess what was unforgettable on this place for us was our dorm mates that night. We got home pretty late since we had dinner with Amiru and stayed in the common area afterwards to be online and catch up on things back home. As we got to the dorm room around midnight, I think we have waken some of the people there, but we did our best to stay quiet and go to bed with little commotion. Having one guest woken up (I think she was Chinese), she suddenly put up music in a loud volume, which pissed everyone off. I am really not sure why she did that but in the morning after we got back from breakfast, some of the guests left a note for her, really hating her. That was crazy but I got a bit guilty because we were the one who woke her up. :P

Nice view outside the hostel

Anyway, this place is very nice if you want to have a budget trip in Brunei. However, if you are not comfortable with sharing room with other people, you can opt to stay in a hotel nearby. The place is clean and affordable for budget travelers. It is also near the nice tourist spots and good dining places in Bandar Seri Begawan, so I really recommend this place.

Pusat Belia (Youth Centre)
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel : 2222900 / 2223936
Fax : 2229423


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