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Backpacking Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Museum, Sabah Art Gallery and Sabah Islamic Museum

After we went around the Heritage Village, we went to the main entrance of the Sabah Museum. It was already opened at that time and since we ares till waiting for lunch time for our ferry ride in the afternoon.

We hanged out the souvenir shop first because we thought it was RM15 for only one museum but as we asked about it, that amount was already for the three museums, Sabah Muesum, Sabah Art Gallery and Sabah Islamic Museum.

There are certain rules that we should follow upon entering these museums. Mainly is that we cannot use our cameras inside, so bear with me for only describing what we saw inside and just provide you with the photos we took outside.

in front of the main building

main arch entrance

Sabah Museum
Main entrance

This place will greet you with a gigantic skeleton of a whale. It was very big and I think it is the main attraction of the place. Inside is a 3 level museum where they feature mostly on archaeological stuff. They have replicas of the old civilization dug up. Also, they feature the cultures before which are still being practiced now. They also feature the wildlife. The animals that are found in the area. Most are similar to what we have here. On the other level, they have the costumes and other traditional stuff the Malay use. It is very similar to what we have here.

a closer view of the entrance

Outside they have a display of some old cars and other stuff. I like the large top a lot, it makes me want to play with it :P. Near the Sabah Museum is the Sabah Art Gallery.

old Audi car

the large top

miniature banca


other old cars

more vintage cars

old train from their railway system

Sabah Art Gallery
There's nothing much inside here. The main art gallery is on the second level. It has a lot of paintings and some traditional wedding costumes of the Malaysians. We quickly got around here and went downstairs where there is an exhibit of the telecommunications and railways of the town. It has a lot of display of the equipment used in broadcasting. They have some sample radio booth and TV set and all the equipments are in display. The railway exhibit on the other hand shows the parts of the train as well as the tracks. There is also a model of the old railway system in KK. Just outside there is also a mini science exhibit. We just played around with it and decided to go.
Sabah Art Gallery

Art Gallery entrance

Sabah Islamic Museum
We walked really far just to reached the Sabah Islamic Museum. It is located way far outside the main Museum area. The place is big and can be easily recognized by the blue roof. It looks like a Mosque outside. As you go in, you will see a lot of Quran dating back to old generations. They also have a lot of old treasures there like pottery and other stuff used by Sultans in the old days. They also exhibit the clothes they usually wear and how each country differs. They feature some for Turkey and I got a bit interested since I went to that country before. It was all Muslim stuff and it was nice to see their culture and religion. I appreciated it more and gained more respect to them.

directions gointg to the Islamic Museun

Islamic Museum Main Building

We need to get back the way we came since it was the only area we can get some cab back to the inn. It was a long walk and it is getting noon so we need to hurry back to have a quick lunch and go to the port.

It was nice to have seen the museums there. There are a lot I have learned especially the similarities of the culture we have. I hope to see more of the place but it was quite difficult to go around since we're not familiar with the public transport. Maybe the next time I go there, I can get to go to the places I haven't been to. And also, to climb the famed Mt. Kinabalu. :)

Sabah Museum
Locked Bag 2015
88566 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia

(+60) 088 – 253199/254852/253551
(+60) 088 – 225033
Fax: (+60) 088 – 240230
Contact Person: Encik Sintiong Gelet


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