Sunday, July 22, 2012

Milk Tea Hunt: True Brew

There is a newly opened milk tea shop in Ayala and they have a promo for SMART employees. Thankfully, I learned it before the promo ended and I enjoyed True Brew's up size promo for their opening at Blessings.

Located at the Blessings and Prosperity Canteen along Ayala Avenue (beside Rufino), the new tea shop is a new hit in the office. They sell a variety of milk tea flavors and they even have the cream cheese on top variety like those of Gong Cha and Happy Lemon.

Their stall is just small but the staff are friendly and the milk tea is made just upon ordering. They have the regular Milk Tea Blends, the Yakult Series and the Fruity variety. Since they have a promo that day, I decided to try our their Cheese Cloud Series.

My friend and I had Green Tea Cheese Cloud and Chocolate Cheese Cloud.

Green Tea Cheese Cloud (PHP70 Grande; PHP80 Venti)
Chocolate Cheese Cloud (PHP90 Grande; PHP100 Venti)

The Chocolate Cheese Cloud was good. It tasted like Chuckie chocolate drink. I like the salty cream cheese on top with it. The Green Tea Cheese Cloud on the other hand tasted like rosal (yes, the flower). It was good but I bet most of the people would not like it. It leaves an after taste when you sip it. Mixing the cream cheese don't do any better but it was still good but I preferred the Chocolate flavor better.

The next day, I decided to try it again and had the White Chocolate Cheese Cloud.

White Chocolate Cheese Cloud (PHP90 Gande; PHP100 Venti)

The White Chocolate Cheese Cloud was heaven! I liked it very much, except that it was overly sweet. But the milk flavor is the best and I really liked it. It was creamy and the cream cheese added a lot of flavor in it.

I must say, the cream cheese they put in is good but don't expect much. For me, it lacked a bit of saltiness that should counter the sweetness of the drink but it was still good. The cinnamon on top adds a bit of a kick to the flavor, but you can request them not to add any.

Their pricing is really cheap and affordable for the good product. It is better priced than other shops. It is yummy and cheap and it is near the office. I think I'd be going here regularly.

True Brew
Blessings and Prosperity Food Court
along Ayala Ave. corner Rufino

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