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Place to Stay in Kota Kinabalu: Borneo Backpackers

Our stay in Kota Kinabalu was short. We didn't really reserved any room and we planned on just taking our chance in Borneo Backpackers for an overnight stay. Luckily, there are available rooms for us the night we arrived at Kota Kinabalu.

Located at No. 24 Lorong Dewan, the inn is in the middle of the main town of KK. It can easily be located since it is near Atkonson Clock Tower. As you reach the area, there is a small coffee shop at the ground level. Whenever people ask them about the inn, they automatically point you to the side for the entrance.

The inn is located at the 2nd floor of the building. They occupy it up to the roof deck. It is equipped with CCTV so you can be assured that there are no unauthorized people entering the area. As we went to the main desk, we asked for a room in the dorm (to save money), however, only the room for 6 are available, and so we took it. It cost RM102 for the three of us (triple room). It was okay since it was nice and cheap, about PHP500 per person if you convert it.

main entrance at the side of the cafe

The main area is nice. In front of the counter is the common area where you can watch TV or bond with other guests. It is designed to be an authentic Borneo house. It is nice since you could just sit on the elevated wooden floor. The left side is also a common area. It is nice here and you can hang out or borrow the iron for your clothes. There are also rooms here, I think these are the dorm rooms.

common area: TV area

the other common area


toast and jam for breakfast and Sabah tea

On the right side is the pantry area where you can have your meals. They have a refrigerator, a toaster and all the kitchen utilities you need. You can buy an instant noodles for breakfast or just toast some bread and drink some coffee or tea.

2nd floor hallway going to the roof deck

our room (triple)

On the second level, there are a lot of rooms for the guests, this is where we stayed. The room is spacious and there are clean sheets. They have an air conditioning unit that cools the room on the tropical weather of KK. The only thing I didn't like here is that the vehicles can be heard in the rooms. I had difficulty sleeping because of this but the tired body prevailed. Also, one of my friend had some terrible itch on his bed. I am not sure on why but maybe the sheets are a bit dirty. We could have asked the people there to change it but it was already late that night. Just a precaution for travelers, always bring something to put on beds so that you will not be in direct contact with the sheets since we do not know how clean they claim it to be. I did, maybe that's why I didn't experience it.

portal to the common bathroom

sinks and shower room

They offer a common shower area. It is nice and clean and has areas for you to hang your stuff as you take a shower. They also offer hot and cold water but since it was quite humid, I preferred the cold water better (and besides, I do not know how to adjust the water temperature :P). They also have toilets and sinks for washing and a large fill length mirror. What I didn't like is the mirror in front of the sinks are very high. i think they leveled it for Caucasian guests. i just can't see myself there.

entrance to the roof garden

tables and chairs for socials

this is for smoking area also

view of the town

view below the inn

They have a roof deck where you can also hang out and see the whole town. I went there in the morning and the air was very fresh. They have a table there and some area for hanging of clothes. The view is definitely nice. 

The staff there are very nice. We always talk to them whenever we need something, like asking how to go to some places there. They also tell us the time of the ferries and they advised us to go early to buy tickets. As you look at the bulletin board, they also offer tours for the guests. It is nice since they are friendly and you can be assured that you can go to anywhere you like just by asking them.

This place is nice and cheap and I would recommend this place for those who want to spend their days in Kota Kinabalu. It is near the town and they offer nice services for guests. If ever I'll be back, I will be staying here again as it is affordable and comfortable place to stay.

Borneo backpackers
No. 24 Lorong Dewan, 88801
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 60 88 234 009 Fax: 60 88 233 688

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