Sunday, July 15, 2012

Backpacking Kota Kinabalu: Heritage Village

On our second day in Kota Kinabalu, we decided to tour some sites there before going to Labuan Island in the afternoon. We checked the maps we got in the airport and decided on taking the Heritage Village area since it has a lot of stuff there that could fit in just a short amount of time.

After breakfast, we ask the staff in the inn to tell us how to go there. She suggested that we ride the taxi since it is cheaper and more convenient than taking the bus. After we got our tickets for the afternoon ferry, we hailed a cab to take us to the site. It costs RM20 going there.

It was quite far going there and a cab is a good decision. We arrived a bit too early for the museums to open and so the cab driver tipped us to go around the Heritage Village first. The entrance is on the far side of the area and you can easily see it with signs. There are children going on tour there at that time and so we followed them.

entrance to the garden (heritage village)

The path goes down with the stone steps. As it forked, we took the rightmost path revealing to us different Malayan houses. It was really similar to our traditional houses here and it was nice to connect to their culture.

Here is a visual tour of the place:

Malay houses

another house for a large family

Bisaya house, like our bahay kubo

bridge at the pond

Malay boat

a bird house

another Malay house

bridge going back to the museum

After a while of touring around, we went back up on the other side. We emerged at the side of the Sabah Museum and Gift shop. We rested there for a short while before proceeding with our morning tour.

It was nice seeing the culture of Malaysia and how similar it is with ours. I appreciated it and had fun walking around the Heritage Village.

Sabah Museuma nd Heritage Village

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