Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lunch Out Series: ElarZ Lechon

Located at the ground floor of Dela Rosa Car Park is a small Lechon restaurant called ElarZ. I first learned it with a friend and since then, I always wanted to eat there since they say it was the best Lechon place in town. This lunch out is my chance to try and out this famed place.They claim to be the Pambansang Lechon (National Lechon) since it comes with their tag line and this intrigues us more.

We walked to Dela Rosa Car Park near The Enterprise building along Dela Rosa Street in Makati just to have a taste of ElarZ. As we got there at around after lunch, there are only a few people dining in the area. It was small and there are two entrances. One is at the parking area and one is facing Dela Rosa Street. The whole area can seat around less than twenty people and there are also a few seats available outside. They have a pretty small counter where they take your order. Good thing we got there after lunch since I think we cannot get any seats of ever we got there during lunch hour.

The dining area. Few people are dining after lunch

The counter area. Not a really nice angle. :P
We ordered for different set meals but unfortunately, the famed Lechon is not available. Yes, it was not available on that branch and because of that, I opted for the second choice, a Paksiw na Lechon Meal. It is in fact the same dish, only cooked in vinegar to preserve the meat longer. It comes with a free soup and soft drinks. It was not bad, in fact it was really good. Now I wonder how their Lechon tasted like.

Paksiw na Lechon (Meal with rice, soup and drinks for PHP75)

Aside from the Lechon, they also have other meals like the Chicken Paa Inasal which the others ordered. It was also good, according to them. I didn't really get to taste it.

Chicken Paa Inasal (Solo - PHP92; Meal - PHP105)

Overall, the food here is good, aside from the fact that they don't have the one thing you go here for, it was good enough. The staff are friendly and accommodating enough but they usually got their attention on their personal affairs during the lean hours. Also, they lack a bot of communication since we already ordered something which is not available and they didn't tell us earlier. We need to change the order which is quite a hassle. The place is small so it is better to have take outs or avoid the usual dining hours. Maybe they need to improve on these stuff I'm bragging about. Maybe on my next visit, it would all be good, and also, they would have a Lechon available that time.

You should also check out their website, they have this cool music background which is kinda catchy. Click below for more details.

Elar Z Lechon
Dela Rosa Carpark, Dela Rosa Street,
Makati City
Tel. No.: +632.553.3333

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