Thursday, October 6, 2011

Backpacking Singapore: Night Safari

Our day in Singapore is not yet done after the visit to HawPar Villa, Orchard Road and Merlion. We still have the night and we all decided to go to the Night Safari which is located very far to the main area where we were touring around.

Night Safari is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road. We got there by riding the MRT and alighting at Ang Mo Kio Station. From there, we need to look for bus number 138. We got a bit lost and since we were a bit tired, we went to the small marketplace and bought some drinks. 

There is this weird lemon juice with plum in it. This is not relevant to the night safari story but I just really need to blog about it. The juice is a bit sour plus, when you get to the dried plum part, it gets more sour. What I like is that I can nibble with the dried plum. It is known as Kiamoy in the Philippines and it is surprising that it can be added to a drink.

Lemon Juice with Dried Plum

After our short detour, we went back on finding bus number 138. We waited for it and when it finally came, however, it was jammed packed! Another thing is that we don't know where to alight. We tried to ask the driver but we didn't understand what he said. Together with the other passenger who are also going there. We just endured the long ride going there and after almost an hour, we finally saw signs of the Night Safari, which tells us we're close.

The bus dropped us off just in front of the entrance gate. It was very convenient since we didn't need o walk or ride another vehicle just to get there. We took some photos and after that, we all decided to go in. At the counter, we registered for a night's pass which includes the entrance fee and a free lanyard. You can also choose the mini towel as a free gift but we opted for the other choice. The entrance fee is SGD36 which includes the Creature of the Night Show, Tram Ride and a tour around the safari.
Tickets and guide inside
At the entrance, there is a Fish Spa where guests can try out. It was quite expensive for us but the guests who are trying it looks happy and they are really having fun, giggling while the small fishes are biting them.

We wanted to watch the Fire Dance show and so, we we went to the souvenir shop first and entered the main gates. However, we didn't know that we cannot get back once we got in. It was so sad since we haven't watched the Fire Dance which was held at the entrance area. We just proceeded to watch the Creature of the Night Show

Entrance to the mini amphiteather

The Creatures of the Night Show is held in a small amphitheater. We waited for the 8:30 PM show and as we got to the show area, we chose a spot that is near the main stage. The show was really awesome. There are audience participation and the host was really good. It started when a bear cat walked across a rope on  top of the audience. Everyone was applauding as it performed some tricks. There were a lot of animals and they are nocturnal. Some are endanger and some are very rare to be seen in zoos. Some of these are the wolf which was really large, the hyena, raccoon, otter, boa which came from the audience, and many other animals. The show was fun and educational. It makes us aware of the creatures that we need to protect. It is fun and we sure enjoyed it.

The wolf

The stage where the wild animals perform

The big boa

The Bear cat with its trainor

After the show, we ride the tram to see the other animals in the safari. The tour was nice and you can see the wild and nocturnal animal around. It seems like they are not in cages and are free to roam around. There are a lot of animals there. At the middle of the tram tour, you can either alight or continue the tour. We decided to alight and walked along the paths. It was quite scary since the animals seems to be roaming around and can easily get to you. We explored the area and saw the animals that we wanted to see like the tiger and the lion. We also saw some leopard and some bears. It was fun navigating the zoo on feet since you can see all the animals there.

Tram station sign where we waited for the tram to tour us around

After the tour, we were all tired and decided to eat and then go home. At that time, there are no bus available and for SGD4.50, we can ride the Night Safari Bus that has a final stop at Dhoby Ghaut Station. It was convenient since you just sit there and then alight at the MRT station, from there, it was easier to go back to our inn.

The Night Safari experience is fun and it educational. It taught me that there are a lot of animals during the night and we should all respect these creatures. There are a few photos here since flash photography is not allowed. This is because the flash may cause stress to the animals and may make them aggressive. It is for our own safety and also for the animals.

For more information:

Night Safari
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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