Monday, February 13, 2012

Afternoon Snack at Goto King

It was a lazy weekend afternoon and after hours of shopping and doing some errands at SM Southmall, my mom and I decided to have a quick snack before finally going home. We went to the supermarket area to look for Goto King since she wanted to eat lugaw (rice porridge).

We found the small stall of Goto King and ordered some lugaw. They usually have stalls in malls and sometimes a bigger area where you can actually dine in. They serve a variety of dishes from goto up to rice meals.
The dishes they serve are hot upon serving. It was nice since it warms you as you eat it. It was just quite expensive since a bowl is around PHP25 for a plain lugaw.They also have other variants for it like with egg or the arrozcaldo. It costs much more than the plain one of course so we just opted with the plain one.

Plain Lugaw (PHP25)

They also have other dishes available. Tokwa't Baboy is one dish that is best paired with it and for PHP29, you can have a bowl of it. It was good and I liked its sauce poured on the porridge to make it taste better. We also ordered a Fried Lumpia which is PHP30 per piece. It was quite expensive so we just shared one.

Tokwa't Baboy (PHP29)

Fried Lumpia (PHP30)

It was all good, the lugaw, tokwa't baboy and lumpia. It was something I usually crave for. However, the ones that can be bought at a carrinderia is much better and cheaper. It was just much cleaner there and I think more convenient. Goto King brought the usual lugaw that you eat outside, inside malls and establishments and enjoy the comfort food we Pinoys love.

Goto King
LG/Lvl. Supermarket Almanza, Alabang-Zapote National Rd.
Las PiƱas City, Metro Manila
(02) 800-9806

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