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Backpacking Korea: From Busan to Seoul

It has been months when we booked a promo air fare ticket to South Korea. It was also just a few months ago when we applied for a South Korean Visa in the Korean Embassy in Taguig and got one. Now, it was time to push through our plans and go backpacking in Korea for five days.

During the months of December to February (and up to the early weeks of March), Korea is in winter and so, I packed some winter clothes in my heavy duty Sandugo Backpack. I always liked to use it since I don't want pulling some luggage when I walk. Also, I feel more convenient using it. And so, all my long sleeves, thermal clothes, jackets, toiletries and shoes goes in and magically it all fit in (I'm so proud of my improved skills in packing).

Our ticket going there was departing at 4pm in the afternoon. We will land in Gimhae International Airport in Busan and from there, we will ride the train going to Seomyeon Station where Blue Backpacker's Hostel is in. We expect to arrive at the evening and since there is nothing to do, we spent the next day touring Busan.

It was freezing cold as we arrived there and it was the first time I experienced a temperature at around 1 degree Celsius falling to a negative. Good thing places there have some heater to keep people warm, however, it was quite difficult to adjust to the weather. I had colds that time but soon I was okay and practically enjoyed it. I am now thankful I was born in a tropical country because I don't think I could survive that kind of weather.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

We went to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Haeundae Beach, Busan Aquarium, Shinsegae MallJagalchi Market and Yongdusan Park. We ended the day at the inn where we rested early for our journey going to Seoul.

Yongdusan Park

The next day, we headed to Busan Station to take the KTX or the train going to Busan. It takes 3 hours for that train to get to Seoul Station. It was very fast since Busan is in the southern most part of South Korea and Seoul is up north. The trains here leave on time and we took the 11am departure to arrive at 2pm. As we got to Seoul, we went to Myong-dong through the subway and checked in At Namsan Guest House. It was located near Namsan Tower but we had other things in mind that day planning our trip there the next day.

King Sejong Statue 

Chonggyecheon River Park

After our late lunch, we proceed to Gyeongbukgong Palace, but unfortunately, we got there at around 4pm and it was already closed. We just went to King Sejong Museum which was nearby. After that, we went to Chonggyecheon River Park. All was done through walking and at the end of the day, our feet was all tired.

Nami Island

The next day, we got up early to go to Nami Island (Namiseom Island) where the Winter Sonata was shot. It was a very cold and far place and almost all bodies of water there were frozen. The long trip going there was all worth it. We enjoyed our stay there. As we got back to the city in the afternoon, we went to the Trick Eye Museum. It was fun taking pictures and playing around there. we also had a lot of fun there. At night, we went to Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower) just near our guest house. It was pretty up there at night and you can see the city lights down. It is also the palce where you place your locks of love on the walls. We just took photos there and didn't get to the Teddy Bear Museum since we are going to meet with someone fore dinner.

Namsan Tower

On our last day, we visited the Bukchon Hanok Village where it was a small town with all the traditional Korean houses on it. After the steep walk uphill, we went to a High School there. It was really a nice place and it seems like a University rather than a High School. They are on break so there are few people there at that time. After all the tour, we went back to Myong-Dong to shop since the place is famous for all the shops around. On the afternoon, we went to the airport and took our plane back to Manila.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Our 5 day trip there was really tiring but absolutely fun. It was packed with adventures and new learning. I will come back to Seoul another time since I have't visited all the sites yet. It was not enough though but it was fine, more reason to go back! Those five days made me fell in love with Seoul!

My total damage on this trip:
Airfare and Taxes:                  PHP 9,648.83
Accomodation:                               3,801.54 (KRW 100,000)
Food and other expense:                 9,560.89 (KRW 251,500)
TOTAL                                PHP 23,011.26

Here is our 5 day Busan-Seoul itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival

4:00 pm - ETD at NAIA Terminal 3
9:00 pm - ETA at Busan (Gimhae International Airport)
10:00 pm - ETA at Seomyeon Station (look for Blue Backpacker's Inn)
11:00 pm - Check in at Blue Backpacker's Inn
11:30 pm - Late dinner
12:00 mn - Rest

Day 2: Busan Day Tour

7:00 am - Wakeup Call
8:00 am - Breakfast at inn
9:00 am - meetup at Seomyeon Station
9:30 am - Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
11:00 am - Haeundae Beach
11:30 am - Early Lunch at Busan Aquarium
12:00 nn - Busan Aquarium
1:30 pm - Centum City (Shinsegae)
2:30 pm - Jagalchi Market
3:30 pm - Yongdusan Park
5:00 pm - Snack
6:00 pm - Back to Seomyeon (Inn)
8:00 pm - dinner
10:00 pm - early rest

Day 3: Busan to Seoul

7:00 am - wakeup call
8:00 am - breakfast
9:00 am - check out at Inn
10:00 am - Busan station (Buy KTX to Busan)
11:00 am - Departure from Busan Station (KTX)
2:00 pm - Arrival at Seoul
2:30 pm - Myong-dong Station to Namsan Guest House
2:45 pm - Check in at Namsan Guest House 3
3:00 pm - Late lunch at Twotwo
3:45 pm - Subway to Gyeongbukgong Station
4:00 pm - Gyeongbukgong Palace (closes at 4pm >_<)
4:15 pm - King Sejong Museum
5:00 pm - Chonggyecheon River Park
7:00 pm - Dinner at Sinchon
9:00 pm - Hangout at Barfly
11:00 pm - Go back to Namsan Guest house, rest

Day 4: Nami Island and Seoul Tour

7:00 am - wake up call
8:00 am - breakfast
9:00 am - meetup at Myong-dong station
9:30 am - catch train to Nami Island
11:00 am - ETA Gapyeong Station
11:20 am - ETA Nami Island (Namiseom Island)
1:30 pm - Lunch at island
2:00 pm -  ETD Nami Island back to Seoul
3:30 pm - ETA Hogik University Station
4:00 pm - Trick Eye Museum
5:30 pm - snack
6:30 pm - back to Myong Dong
7:00 pm - to Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower)
8:00 pm - back to Myong Dong going to Hoegi
9:00 pm - Dinner
11:00 pm - go back to Inn

Day 5: Last Day

7:00 am - wake up call
8:00 am - breakfast
9:00 am - check out (leave bag at inn)
10:00 am - meet up at Anguk Station
10:30 am - Walk around Bukchon Hanok Village
11:30 am - go to a nearby high school
12:00 nn - Lunch
1:00 pm - shopping at Myong-dong
4:00 pm - snack
5:00 pm - back at guest house to get bah
5:30 pm - travel to airport (subway)
7:00 pm - ETA at Incheon International Airport
9:30 pm - ETD Incheon to Manila
12:30 am - Arrival at Manila

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