Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold Dip at Mampurong River

Mampurong River wasn't a tourist destination in Camarines Norte. It is known by the locals but very few who visit here barely know this place. Thanks to our local tour guide, Oliven, who basically grew up in this place, eventually toured us here to get to experience it.

He told us that all the guests he brought at this place haven't had any complains and loved the place, and so we were intrigued and at the same time, got curious of how the place was.

It was about 30 minute ride from the house we were staying going to Mampurong River. We passed by the small town and deep into the area where it is. It is guarded by the locals there who controls the guests who comes in and out. We parked on the entrance area and since there were only a few people there, we enjoyed the place for ourselves.

The bridge

We first went to the bridge. It was a hanging bridge overlooking the river. We went there to take a look. The bridge is old and is made of steel. The flooring are a bit scary because of the thin strip of metal that is kind of lose. As you walk, you can feel the bridge move. Some was dizzy and scared. I just don't mind it and took photos. Soon, we all went back after staying at the middle for a while. We didn't cross it so I have no idea what is on the other side.

us at the bridge
biew of Mampurong River at the bridge

We walked further and we found ourselves in a line of huts. This are all for rent if ever you prefer to stay here. There is a table and chairs all made of wood for guests to eat on. There is also a store nearby if ever you need to buy something. They are complete and sells even alcohol. Beside the hut is a small grilling area where you can cook and have a picnic.

Huts along the river side

As you pass through the other side of the hut, you can see a the river already and going down the stones up to the water, you can enjoy a nice dip in the cold waters. It was a pretty site and you can opt to just sit on the stone and watch and listen to the rush of water from the river. You can also opt to take a dip on it or go swimming.

Some of the locals here swim across and go up the large rock and climb. After that, they jump into the deep part of water. I was envious of them and had wanted to do the same. I wish I had learned to swim and have that courage to go with it. Maybe someday.

A dip in the cold water

the bridge on the other side

It was a relaxing time there and we all enjoyed it even if the waters were a bit high and the current is strong because of the rain. Everything cleared up as were about to leave though, however, we still enjoyed the clear cool waters of the river.

the mini falls

view from the top

I am not sure how much you need to pay for the rent of the cottage and the parking fee for the care takers but I think it was just a small amount to cover the expense of keeping the place clean for the guests.

We enjoyed our stay there at Mampurong River. Truly, it was nature at it's best. I will never have discovered it if it wasn't for our guide since this place is popular for the locals. I will surely go back here given a chance, and I hope that I could finally jump in the cool water that time. :)

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