Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exploring Daet, Camarines Norte

It was almost a year ago when we went to Bicol to explore the pretty islands of Caramoan in Camarines Sur and now we are off again there to explore Daet in Camarines Norte. Since it was the first long weekend of the year, we all agreed to have a short vacation and explore a place far from the city.

It was an eight hour bus ride going there and we booked our ticket at PhilTranco departing on a Friday night. It was more convenient buying the tickets ahead because you will just go there and wait for the bus and then go. We settled on our seats and slept in the eight hour bumpy ride going to Daet.

We arrived at the PhilTranco station at Daet after a few bus stops and hours of sleeping in the bus. It wasn't that comfortable sleeping there but since we were all tired from work, we all grabbed the opportunity to sleep. We waited at the station for my friend's fiance's cousin to arrive. He was the one assigned to fetch us and eventually tour us around. As our guide, Oliven, arrived with a car and we all went in. Our first stop was Bagasbas Beach.

Bagasbas Beach early in the morning (a bit blurred)

Bagasbas Beach is popular for its strong waves that is very good for surfing. We had a glimpse of the nice stretch of sand and viewed the sunrise hidden among the clouds, above high waves of the beach. It was a bit rainy and winds are strong that morning so the waves are really high and no one is surfing. It was a nice view and we hoped that the next day, the waves are a bit calmer and convenient for beginner surfers like us to try out.

Town where calesas are still used as transportation

After checking out the beach, we all headed to the town where they went to their relatives. We got to view it also as early towns people buy food in the market. Also, there is a pasalubong store found there where they sell very yummy and tasty Bicol products. Nene's Pilinut Delicacies have a variety of assorted products to choose from and buy.We went there before we go home to buy some stuff. They have a lot to choose from and all their product are really yummy. Make sure you find their store in town if ever you're in the area. Their pasalubongs are guaranteed a hit to those whom you'll give to.

Branch 1 of Nene's pasalubong store

Customers busy buying pasalubongs

there are lot to choose from. They are all budget friendly

Pili Tarts, one of the best tasting delicacy here

We went to their house to put our stuff and to introduce ourselves to some of their relatives. It is where we'll stay for the next few days there. We readied ourselves for a trip to Mampurog River for a short dip in the cool waters.

Mampurog River, upclose

It was located at a town near Daet. Our guide was the one who introduced this place to us. It was a picnic area where you can cook meal and eat beside the flowing river. They have huts on the side of it which is easily accessible to the waters. We looked at the area on the bridge first and it was a hanging bridge which makes most of my companions dizzy, so we decided to take a dip in the water instead.

Mampurong viewed at the bridge

cottages for rent besides the river

us playing around in the cold waters

The water was super cold and you need to go in slowly in order for you to adjust to the coldness. It was a bit raining that time so the waters are a bit high and the current is strong. We just opted to stay at the sides just to be safe. If you are adventurous enough, you can go up the rocks and dive in the deep waters. It was quite exciting and I hope I could also do those things. Maybe next time when I have the courage to do it :P.

We went back to the house to change and then to town because we were planning to go to Calaguas Island. It was a bit rainy so we all have doubts if we'll push with the plan. Meanwhile, we had lunch at the town and it was good. After we are filled, we all bought stuff for our supposedly camping trip at Calaguas. We went to Vinzon's port and at that time, it was already in the afternoon and there are no boats. We boarded a boat going to a nearby port to ask if there are still boats available. Unfortunately, the waves are really really high and the boat men were afraid to push because it might capsize the boat. We just returned to the port at Vinzons and went back to the house. We just rested there and ate all the stuff that we're supposed to eat at camping. It was still nice we didn't push through because the rains got harder that night. It was difficult to camp in that situation. Maybe next time I will be able to push through Calaguas. It was my 2nd time to postpone my trip there but it was alright.

After surfing photo

The next day, we went back to Bagsbas Beach and surfed. It was nice to have surfed again and I enjoyed it. The waves are higher than in Baler and I loved it. I simply fell in love with surfing again.

Lago del Rey inflatables

After that, we went to Camarines Sur to try out Wakeboarding but the facility was under repair and we found another adventure at Lago del Rey. It was something we haven't done before and I am sure we all enjoyed the experience. It was like joining Wipeout and we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves.

We got back at Daet tired but happy. It was all really fun. We rested that night and the next day went home. We rode Superlines going back and it wasn't that good idea. It was a 10 hour bus ride home and it was very tiring. The bus also had some mechanical trouble delaying more our journey home. It was very troublesome and I recommend that you either ride back at PhilTranco since it is much better there.

Superline, broken down on the road. :(

We had much fun and I hope we'll do it again next time! :)

Us at Bagasbas Beach! ^__^


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