Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Escape at Baler: Surfing the Waves with Mahdox Surf Shop and School

Since Baler is famous for surfing, the challenge for my trip with UPLB COSS, my college organization, is to conquer and ride its waves. After our long trip from Manila to Aurora and touring the town and admiring its beauty, our last day was dedicated for the challenge of the sea that awaits us.

We went to Mahdox Surf Shop and School which is a few blocks away from Bahia de Baler. They offer surfing lessons with rent of a surf board for Php350. The lessons is for an hour which means, you have an hour to try to stand on a surf board without getting wiped out. 

The lesson started with us all gathering around for the instructors to teach us the parts of the surfboard. 

Parts of a Surfboard and add a leash that is to be attached at the tail

Next they taught us how to know our leading feet which is what we will use upon standing on the board. I was the one who sampled and the instructor just pushed me and watched what foot am I gonna step first.It was my right foot and he said that it was my leading feet. However, on the actual board itself, instincts taught me that my left foot is my leading feet and not the other one. Well, I guess, my mind's all mixed up when I stepped with my right foot first at the lesson :P.

Lessons with Mahdox

Teaching us the parts of the board
How to paddle while on the board

After the short briefing, we all had our instructors teach us how to stand on the board. We all position lying on our belly and placing our hands at our side near our face. We then pulled our self up and positioned ourselves on the surfboard on a standing position. That is how we will stand while the surf board is on top of the waves.

Kuya Tony teaching me the proper way to stand on the board.

Enough of the lessons and it was now time for the application. We were all supposed to have a leash on the surf board but unfortunately, mine has none. Kuya Tony, my instructor said it was okay and I will not die of it so I just proceeded. We went to position on the middle, quite far part of the beach and waited for the waves. Here comes my first wave and then... wipeout! The second wave, and upon standing up, i slipped and... wipeout! My third wave, and I stood up, gained my balance and then, I survived the wave! yay! I can now surf! It was the best feeling, being able to get to the shore without being eaten by the waves is a milestone!

Oh yeah! I conquered the waves! :)
trying to keep my balance

Others on their board

We get to continue that and I get wiped out every now and then but most of the time, I conquered the waves. Then I learned the use of the leash. It is to prevent the board from going far when you get wiped out. Since I don't have one, I usually get my board on the shore. My instructor pitied me and got me a leash from their office and from then on, I get to reserve all my energy just for surfing and not running after my board. It was tiring but fun.

With my surfboard and Kuya Tony

Me with Kuya Tony

After an hour, we all get to go back but before that, we all took a photo of us all. It was so cool to have learned this sport and I think I am getting addicted to it. I am sure I'll get back here or on other surfing places just to practice my newly learned skill. I will sure have fun the next time just like here.

Yay! we all conquered the waves! :)

So whenever you're in Baler, come visit Mahdox Surf Shop and School and I am sure you will learn surfing the fun way. Their instructors are friendly and will not quit until you get to stand on your surf board. They are also nice to talk to while waiting for the waves. I give them all a two thumbs up!

 Mahdox Surf Shop and Surf School
For lessons or group reservations at 0910-3075253, or (632)8933395. 
You may also email us at surfbaler@yahoo.com

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