Monday, September 26, 2011

Food Trippin Baler: Bay's Inn Restaurant

Our weekend escape in Baler isn't complete without the yummy dishes in places around offers. Near Bahia de Baler is an inn at the beach side. It is known as Bay's Inn, and it has a restaurant where most of the people come to eat. The place is just beside the beach and cool breeze and a combination of nice view will greet you as you go here to dine.

The place is big enough to accommodate large number of people. They have seating at the covered area and some are found just outside, nearer the beach area. Most of the tables can be rearranged as to how many the guests are. In our case, we always get to make them long tables since we are a large group. The crews are friendly and they quickly attend to your needs. However, during peak hours, they may seem to ignore you but constant reminding and a friendly smile can make them attend to you faster.

We first got there for breakfast. They serve breakfast dishes for a cheap and reasonable price. They also had a lot of choices in their menu. We opted to order their silog meals since it was something that is easily recognized in the menu.

Big Breakfast Set (~Php150)

Beef Tapa Strips (Php85)

The dishes were yummy and it was cheap. They have this big breakfast that comes with 2 viands, omelet and rice plus a coffee or tea and juice. It was one big breakfast for those really really hungry. My meal was the ToSiLog which has Garlic Rice, Tocino and Scrambled Egg. It comes with your choice of juice, I picked orange for this hearty breakfast. It was yummy and I like that it was served quickly after we ordered it.

Tocino (Php85)

Our dinner that day was also decided also to be there. After we freshened up, we all went to the restaurant. Guests at that time were occupying the whole area and we were warned that food will be served an hour after ordering. Good thing it was okay for us and we all settled in the small place.

Busy staff at night

We ordered so that we can get our food in an hour. We tried their shakes too. Those shakes were famous and we wanted to try it too. It comes in two flavors, Banana Shake and Mized Fruit Shake. It was indeed yummy and it was an instant hit to all of us.

Banana Shake with Chocolate Syrup (Php70)

Mixed Fruits Shake with Strawberry Flavor (Php70)

The food was, again, cheap and we ordered a lot that night because we were so tired of the day's activity. I ordered their pasta dish and also some cheese sticks so that we'll have something to munch on while waiting for our food.

Cheese Sticks (Php70)

Pansit Canton (Php120)

Garlic Chicken Pasta (Php90)

Tanigue Steak (Php170)

Double Cheese Burger (Php90)
I had the Garlic Chicken Pasta and it was alright. The garlic flavor is very abundant. The dish is very creamy that I cannot finish it. I think it lacks something to break the creamy flavor, the toasted bread on the side is not enough. Also because I have eaten cheese sticks and the shake before it but overall this dish is yummy and cheap. Good enough for its price.

We didn't come back at Bay's Inn two times but three! Before we went home, we all had late lunch there. We ordered another set of dishes and it was served in less than an hour since there are only a few customers at that time.

Inihaw na Isda (Php150)

Double Cheese Burger (Php90)

Fried Chicken and Pancit Palabok Meryenda Meal (Php75)

Nido Soup (Php75)

Chicken Barbecue Sizzling Plate Meal (Php85)
I had the Chicken Barbecue Sizzling Plate Meal and it was so-so. I didn't get the flavor of the barbecue since it was swimming in gravy and it was somehow not a good combination. The chicken is also small and the plate easily loses the hotness that in a few minutes, it was already cold. Good thing about this meal is it already comes with a soft drink.

Our experience with Bay's Inn restaurant is very nice. The staff are friendly and accommodating, the food is yummy and most importantly, affordable. Their Shakes is a winner and this is what we're coming back here. Another is that they have wide choices in their menu and the guests can choose whatever they fancy. Again, all the dishes are yummy, cheap and reasonable. It is one of the few places you should try out whenever you're in Baler.

Lodging and Restaurant
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