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Place to Stay in Baler: Bahia de Baler

On our Baler trip, we booked Bahia de Baler for our over night stay there. It is located at Sabang Beach. It is a resort near the beach and is a few walk away from the sands and the sun.

We got there at around 6 in the morning. Our check in time was at 2pm and they were kind enough to let us leave our stuff there while we go around and tour the town. Their receiving area was nice. It has some couch near the counter for waiting guests. The facilities around are also good. They have a mini gym for the guests. Also, at the back, you can see that they have some animals in large cages. One looks like a deer and there is a bird on the other side. The place is nice and clean and all green. It is refreshing to feel the morning breeze there as the leaves danced with the wind.

front view of Bahia de Baler
Stairs going to the 2nd and 3rd level

Beside the main house is their restaurant, Cafe Rosa. It is a small but nice place to dine. We can't wait to o there for our free breakfast the next day. Everything is very clean and nice and the view of the beach is really relaxing. The calm waves can be heard from the beach which is a very nice escape from the monotonous routine of city life.

As we got back from our tour in the afternoon, our rooms were prepared and ready for us. We got two good for 4 bedrooms. Each one has two double beds, a mezzanine, where the other bed is placed, a nice bathroom and a balcony. Each room has a cable TV, cabinets, some refreshments and a book about Baler.

Double Bed

View at the veranda

The room was nice and clean. The bed has clean sheets and a blanket was available. You can also request for an extra pillow or an extra bed for a fee. The bathroom was clean as well. Towels, soap, shampoo are all available for use. They also offer hot and cold shower. There are also hangers available for guests's use. The veranda has some hanging post available. The boy's room has a wider veranda and there is a chair available there for people to just watch the view of the beach.

Loft Room 303 and 305

Php 3,500

  • 2 double beds
  • Four complimentary breakfast
  • Air conditioned room
  • Colored T.V. with cable
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Beachfront

It was comfortable resting there after a day's tour around town. We instantly got to bed upon arriving from the tour. The air conditioned room was perfect combination with the soft bed and pillows making it conducive for sleeping.

For breakfast, we ate at Cafe Rosa which is just beside the main building. Our accommodation comes with a free breakfast for 8 people (4 on each room). We get to pick whichever set meal they have on the menu. The breakfast comes with the main dish of your choice plus a coffee or hot chocolate. They also serve fruits for us. They offer Silog meals and Omelet dishes.
Cafe Rosa Interior (sorry, hands are a bit shaky that time)

Brods playing the Foosball

The place is also nice. There are about 4-6 large tables in the small restaurant, plus there is a small area for games such as Foosball. We played there for a while while waiting for our breakfast to arrive. The place is cozy and it seems nice to hang out there. Also, the crew are friendly and accommodating. They attend to our (or rather my :P) every request.

I had Tocino and coffee for my meal, plus the additional banana they served. It was good, the usual stuff you can eat anywhere. I didn't dare to be adventurous at that time since I was a bit sleepy and very hungry, plus the menu is limited.

Hot chocolate with bits of chocolate powder on top

Shredded Beef Tapa (P150)

Tocino and Scrambled Eggs (P150)

Corned Beef (P150)

Cheese and Mushroom Omelet (P150)

The meal is satisfying but it was a bit pricey, however it was still nice since it comes free for the the room we had.

Overall, the Bahia de Baler experience was good. I would recommend this place if ever you'd go to Baler. The staff are nice and friendly plus the facilities are good. The surroundings are also peaceful and clean. It is also accessible to the beach, other establishments nearby and the town where in you can explore.

For more details:

Bahia de Baler Garden Resort
080 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Brgy.
Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Philippines

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