Friday, September 16, 2011

Backpacking Singapore: Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a famous tourist destination in Singapore. It is considered as the retail and entertainment hub of the city. It is a one way street with lots of stores along it. Most of the branded items are found here, all you have to do is walk the streets and enjoy shopping or window shopping on the different things on the stores. This place is a shopaholic's heaven.

The road got it's name from the different fruit plantations on it during the 1800's. However today, the place is all buildings and stores all around save for the trees along the streets. Tall buildings line the streets along with the displays that will sure attract people walking by.

Where is it in Singapore? According to Wikipedia:

Orchard Road is a one-way street. It starts at the junction with Orange Grove Road which is the location of the Orchard Hotel. It then stretches southeast across the Scotts Road/Paterson Hill junction, Orchard MRT Station, Bideford RoadSomerset MRT Station, Central ExpresswayDhoby Ghaut MRT Station, and ends at the junction with Handy Road (just before Prinsep Street), where it becomes Bras Basah Road. It has an extensive underground infrastructure, including underground pedestrian walkways between the malls running underneath the street and also other streets in the vicinity. The numbers actually begin at Handy Road and end at Orange Grove Road.
You can go here by MRT and alight at either Orchard, Somerset or Dhoby Ghaust. You can also take the public bus transport or take a cab which will cost a bit compared to public transportation.


After our trip to Haw Par Villa, we took a cab going to the nearest MRT station. there was supposed to be a new station just beside Haw Par Villa but it was still not operational at that time. We headed to Orchard Station as we aboard the train. We got into Wisma Atria Mall and there we took a quick lunch (Chicken Rice, our favorite!). We headed to the streets afterward and as we walked out the mall, tall buildings with brands that I rarely take interest too greeted us. It was like a very large mall with very large stores in it. 

The side walks of Orchard Road

We walked on the streets shaded by the large trees. It was so nice walking there since the streets are mostly covered by trees and even at noon, it was still convenient. We enjoyed taking pictures there while the other went in the stores. I was not in the mood to shop there since the items there are just similar here. I just looked at the gadget store since I was looking for a phone for my brother. 

Yes, we need to take a photo of the street sign

Some attractions along the streets

There are a lot of people on the streets and most of them are tourists.This is a place where most of the tourists go because it is quite famous especially for those who aim to shop. It is no wonder that a lot of people usually just window shop especially on the brands that are quite expensive since, for me, those the largest branded shops I have ever seen. Also, You can see a lot of items here form clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, gadgets, appliances, etc. Most of them are in sale however, if you try to think of it, It is priced just the same as the ones sold here. You will just look for a particular item that you are sure is not found here in the Philippines as to brag about it when you get back :P

Chanet at Takashimaya

It was tiring to walk and shop along orchard Road but you are sure that your eyes are filled with all the nice stuff on display here. It makes you think to come back here when you have a lot to spend. Also, I am sure that you will enjoy shopping here as much as my friends did as they scout the stores fro sales and bargain. It is truly a shoppers haven.

At night, the place is much more prettier because the streets are alive with the pretty lights of the stores. We passed by here the same day, at night and it was a nice scene to see. It was so inviting and if at that moment I wasn't too tired, I would have stopped and taken pictures. It was like a different world at night but same stores and products.

Orchard Road is one of the places you should go to when in Singapore. Weather you're into shopping or not, it is still nice to visit this famous road. Taking picture or just enjoying those one dollar ice cream on the streets is enough to complete your experience. You can also go there at night and enjoy the lights of the buildings around. It is a nice place to visit. So head on here when you are in Singapore.

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