Sunday, September 11, 2011

Place to Stay in Singapore: River City Inn

For our four day stay in Singapore, we pre-booked an inn so that there is no hassle when we get there. We booked River City Inn which is a backpacker's inn found in Hong Kong Street in Clarke Quay in Singapore.

From the MRT station, we got into Central Mall which is accessible from the station. We got across the mall and a few blocks from there is Hong Kong Street and just a few walk is River City Inn. We got there on our first day in Singapore just to leave most of our baggage. Originally, we planned to leave the stuff at a friend's house but it was quite far. As we talked to the owner of the inn, we learned that we could leave our bags there for a day for a fee. They charged us SGD3 each baggage and we availed of it. It is better and convenient for us since our booking was for the next day when we get back from our day tour in Malaysia.

Here is their rates and also the facilities they offer to guests:

Rates:Mixed Dormitory = S$26.00 per bed
Ladies-only Dorm = S$29.00 per bed
6-bed Mixed Dorm = S$29.00 per bed
(Book all 6 beds to make it a private room!)
Private 4-bed Room = S$128.00 per room
Special Features24/7 Reception with no curfew
5 mins walk to MRT Train Station
FREE Wifi Internet / Internet Kiosk
FREE Hearty Breakfast
FREE Linen
Free Luggage Storage and Use of Facilities after Checkout
Laundry Facilities Available

The inn is found on the 3rd floor of the building with no elevator. This means that you need to climb 3 flights high just to get there. As you enter, you need to observe their no foot ware policy and you need to leave your shoes at the storage area before you enter the place. The counter is what will greet you as you enter. The owner greeted us and accommodates us immediately. They confirmed our reservations and they took care of our stuff. Our payment will be on our check out and it was less hassle for us since all the expenses will be after our stay.

Just beside the front counter is the common room where all the guests share the dining, computer, receiving, kitchen and wash area. At the far side is the laundry, storage, toilet and shower area. At the other side, near the receiving area is the dorm where people share rooms with the other guests. On my first night, all of them was mixed with the large dorm room guests while I got separated and stayed at the all lady's dorm. It was quite lonely that night since I do not know anyone from that room but since I was really tired, I didn't mind. On our next day, we get to stay at the same room and it was like a private room for all of us. It wasn't that lonely anymore.

Common area

Each room is composed of double deck beds with clean sheets, pillows and blankets. Each bed comes with a night lamp and an outlet to charge all the gadgets we have. there are also lockers in the room which needs a SGD20 deposit. You can get it back as you checked out. We didn't avail since the room was already like private to us already. They keep the room clean everyday and it was nice to stay on that kind of place.

Our dorm room, yes, a bit messy, I know :P

The common area is clean as well. Everything was well organized. Each morning, the dining table has a lot of bread and spreads since the inn offers free breakfast. You just need to toast your bread and add some spread on it. Also they have bananas served. You can also opt to have coffee, tea, chocolate or water if you like. They observe a self service policy and you need to clean up the stuff you used as you go. It was nice discipline and I get to love the place more.

Toasting bread for breakfast

Different spreads to choose from


your choice of drink
There is also some PC's for free use to the guests aside from the free wifi they offer. It was so convenient for us and we liked that we are still in touch with other people online during this trip.

common wash area

The shower and toilet area are also clean. They have hot and cold shower and it is very refreshing having a hot shower after each trip we had.

The guests there too are friendly. We have talked to some and it was nice to know other people. One of the guests we talked to said that she was a theater actress in India. She is a singer and she just got there to meet up with her daughter, which we also met. They are fun to converse with as you learn more about other people's culture. Also, it makes our stay even more enjoyable because you know that guests there are friendly.

We enjoyed this place so much that I wanted to stay at this place the next time I get to go at Singapore. So if you are a backpacker and is looking for a cheap but nice stay in Singapore, try this place out and I am sure you will enjoy your stay here.

For more information get to them through:

River City Inn
33C Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059672

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