Sunday, September 11, 2011

Food Trippin' Pampanga: Lunch at Aling Lucing Sisig

My brother needs to break in his new car and he planned for a a road trip on the long weekend of August. The plan was go to Clark, Pampanga, go to Pure Glod Duty Free and then go back home. It was the first time I got excited and so, I researched because I didn't want to settle for that plan, I want to food trip too! I researched and learned that near Clark is a famed Sisig Place nearby in Angeles City, the town just next to Clark, and so off we went to my special request to have lunch at Aling Lucing Sisig.

Aling Lucing Sisig is found on Valdez Street in Angeles City Pampanga. It is just near the Clark, a jeepney ride away. Since we are using our phones as GPS, we managed to get it's direction and followed it. This is their original branch and some blogs says that the one found in malls or in other branches does not compare to it. i am not sure but since we are already near the original place, might as well go to it and have a taste of this famous dish they have.

It took us a while to get to there because it was quite difficult to follow the GPS when the map I am looking at says otherwise. However, we got to the place, pretty hungry, and ready to have a taste of this yummy dish.

Finally! Aling Lucing Sisig found on Valdez St.

The place was just small. It is located at a fork road and you need to have a keen sight to see their signboard from afar. The parking is not that difficult that time since there were no other customers there except for us. The whole area looks like a karinderia and the food available are displayed on the counter. You get to order food there and wait for it to be served on your table. The interior of the place is filled with articles and large photos of Aling Lucing. It tells the story of the place decades ago. They have a second floor which is I think if they have lots of guests.

Aling Lucing through the years

The interior of the place

The service is fast and in a while, the food we ordered arrived. We had Bistek, some Pakbet and the famed Sisig. We just ordered the other dishes for variety but the main star is the Sisig served hot on a sizzling plate.

Bistek (Php35)

Pakbet (Php35)

The Bistek and Pakbet are good. They taste like home cooked and I like it. It serves as a great alternative as we wait for the other dish we ordered.

Sizzling Hot Sisig (Php175)

This is the famous Sisig. It is composed of pork which was marinated and grilled or fried to a crisp before being chopped into bits of pieces, served in a very hot sizzling plate. A kalamansi is served with it for your own preference. They also serve some soy sauce on the side depending on your taste. The pork was simply yummy. It is simple but it tasted so good. It was definitely one of the best sisig I ever had. It doesn't have those egg and other stuff they add on the dish but the taste really comes out great. I really enjoyed eating it and all of us liked it.

It was quite difficult to eat there especially that flies are all around. It was still okay since I am used to eating at places similar to that. Just be careful and guard your food all the time so that those flies don't land on them.

After our meal, we went back to our road trip and my mom keep on emphasizing how good the sisig tasted. I am glad they liked it since I will be the one to blame if they felt otherwise.

Anyway, if you want to go to their place, visit them at:

Aling Lucing Sisig
G. Valdez Agapito del Rosario St.
Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 45) 888-2317

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