Sunday, October 2, 2011

Backpacking Singapore: Merlion at Marina Bay

After our tour around Orchard Road, we all decided to go to the famed Merlion in Marina Bay. The Merlion is a creature with a body of a fish and a head of a lion which is the main symbol of Singapore.

The Merlion Park has two structures of the Merlion. One is a miniature version and the other one is the big one found at the bay. People usually go here to take pictures since this proves that you've been to Singapore. Most of the tourists go here and most of the time, the place is packed with people all the time.

We got there through the MRT from Somerset Stattion to Raffles Station. From there, we walked along the river and we passed by a sort of park. We took pictures and got a bit lost. We finally get to the Merlion after a few minutes of navigating through the streets of Singapore.

The smaller Merlion

The big one facing Marina Bay
We happily took pictures on every angle. We also took a picture of the weird but interesting buildings across the Merlion. A boat shape structure is on top of three buildings is seen from afar. Not only the Merlion gets the attention but also this. It was really weird but cool.

Building with a ship

There are also other attractions around the Marina Bay. Across, you can also see the Singapore Flyer which is a very big Ferris Wheel wherein you can see a spectacular view of the city. Also, from afar, you can see the Durian which is also known as Esplanade. It is a dome with a shape similar to a Durian (tropical fruit). It is the center of performing arts in Singapore. Also, at the Singapore river, you can take a cruise and explore the sights around.

Singapore Flyer

Esplanades a.k.a Durian

There are also establishments and souvenir shops around so that tourists may have a place to go. There are coffee shops, restaurants and many other stores just under the bridge going to the statues. Sure, tourists will go there for refreshments after the fun photo ops.

The place sure is crowded but a Singapore experience will never be complete without a photo of this famed Merlion.

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