Sunday, October 30, 2011

Food Trippin' Singapore: Curry Café

On our first day at Singapore, after we dropped off all our stuff at River City Inn, we all went looking for something to eat. Good thing there is a mall nearby the Inn and we all went there. At the lower level of The Central Mall in Clarke Quay, they have a food court with a lot of food choices to choose from. Since most of the stores are already full, we found ourselves at Curry Café which is the only one that can fit all of us.

The place is super small and can only fit less than ten guests. We just joined the tables so the eight of us can fit comfortably. The owner is very accommodating and even if she cannot speak in English well, she still tried to understand us.

Basically, the dishes they serve here are curry based. They also have a few other dishes in the menu like the chicken wings which we also enjoyed since it was yummy. This is not the first time I get to try curry but this is the first time I get to try it in another country where the people here usually cook these kind of dishes. Somewhat authentic if you'd make me describe it.

These are the dishes we had for that lunch:

Chicken Curry (SGD4.00)

Rendang Mutton (SGD4.00)

Char Siew (SGD4.00)

Chicken Wings (SGD3.00)

All was yummy, however, if you're not fond of curry, I am not sure you'll enjoy it. Also the drinks are quite expensive so we all just shared or drank the one we already had bought outside. We were quite on a budget and the prices here are all affordable since it was a decent meal and also yummy.

I recommend you try this place out if you're craving for anything curry. The owner is very friendly and accommodating and is very nice. She even agreed that we all pay separately and she can compute everything however since there are plenty of us, she got a bit confused, but she still managed to impress us of her quick computations. She was very fun and we thanked her as we left there with a filled tummy.

For more details about them, check them out at:

Curry Café
6 Eu Tong Sen Street,
#B1-42 The Central,
Clarke Quay, Singapore
Tel: +65 8198 3266

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