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Weekend Escape at Baler: Touring Around Town

Our first day at Baler, Aurora was dedicated for a tour around town. My friend had already know what to do and where to go and so, we all readied ourselves for the array of adventures that await us.Our itinerary that day is Dimadimalangat Islet, Ermita Hill, Mother Falls, Baler Church, Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House, Museo de Baler and Quezon Park.

After we checked in at Bahiya de Baler and left all our stuff in the receiving area, we all went out and looked for the tricycles around. We asked them to take us around town. We rented four tricycle for PHP2400, which when divided among us, gives us PHP200 each as contribution. It was not bad sonce there are a lot of places to go to.

View at the middle of the rocks

Our first stop is the Dimadimalangat Islet. It is located quite far from where we are staying. The place is at the side of a hill and once you arrive there, you can climb down and enjoy the rocky beach side. Good thing is that it was cloudy when we go there. It was almost noon but still we are enjoying the cool breeze without the scorching heat of the sun. It was very rocky indeed there and the view is spectacular. You can enjoy dipping the sea waters to climb a rock formation across or just relax there while seating on the rocks while the waves lull's you as you get closer to nature. I loved taking photos here and that is what we all did while enjoying the view and each other's company. 

The far end of the beach

The other side

cottages where you can stay for a while

There were some kids here who are balancing rocks and their work is so cool. i was trying to talk to them but they were shy to answer me so I just took some photos of them while they are working. After a while, we all went back and went to our next destination.

Rock Balncing

Nice work of art

The boy was so shy to look at my camera

We got to Ermita Hill which is just a short distance from our first destination. It is said that the people of Baler climbed this hill when a tsunami hit them centuries ago. It served as their refuge at that time and now it is a famous tourist spot there. They have a statue at the bottom and stairs going up. As you get to the top, you walk more upwards and you can see a nice view of the shore. It was a pretty scene. There is a church at the very end but we didn't get to that place. We just took photos and got down, getting ready for our next part of the tour.

The statues on the Hill (guess which one is real :P)

The view from the top of the hill

The Mother Falls is very far. It took about 20 to 30 minutes of ride to get there and the road near our destination is not that good. There are times we need to go down and walk and then ride again because of the slippery rocks. As we got to the entrance, we crossed a small stream and our trek to the falls begins. It was nice to have trekked again. After a few slips on slippery rocks and crossing small streams, we can see the mist coming from the falls. We are near.

The first stream/river we crossed

Water is so clear

Mini falls near the main attraction
 The falls is simply majestic! It was really beautiful. One of the prettiest sights I've seen in all my travels. I would really love to dip in the ice cold waters but I can't at that time so I just stayed at the shore and watched it. You need to take photos of it quickly if you don't want your cameras to get wet because of the mist it produced.
Mother Falls

Mist covering the whole area
After I enjoyed the view and them, the nice dip in the waters, we all went back and endured another 30 minute ride. We should be going to the big balete tree but we are all too hungry so we decided to go back to baler town. We ate at a small eatery which serves decent meals. I ordered a sisig and it was good.

After that, we didn't expect that there is another part of the tour. I was quite tired and was not that excited until I learned where we are going. Our next stop are the Baler ChurchDona Aurora Aragon Quezon HouseMuseo de Baler and Quezon Park. These places are in close proximity and can easily be visited.

Baler Church

Inside the Church

Quezon's footprints

These landmarks shows tourists the roots of our former president Manuel L. Quezon. The Baler Church is where you can find his footsteps from the church door. It is a small church and as a respect, we entered and said a short prayer in it. Across it is the house of Dona Aurora Quezon's House which is the wife and former First Lady of the Philippines. Inside the house is a display of traditional Filipino dresses and at the garage area is the old presidential car which is really cool to see.

Front view of the house
Presidential car in a glass case in the garage

Near the house is the Quezon Park where a statue of President Quezon is seen at the center. Also, another Presidential Car is on display there. At the far end is the Museo de Baler where a lot of stuff is found. There are relics from old civilization, some paintings and statues. Also, the trophies from the movie Baler are found there. There is also a small souvenir shop inside.

Statue of Pres. Manuel Quezon at Quezon Park

Another Presidential Car on display at the park

Museo de Baler

Images inside the museum

Trophies from MMFF on the Movie Baler

We took a lot of photos in those places and after that, we all went back to Bahiya de Baler to rest. It was quite an adventure and it was really nice visiting those places. I will surely come back especially to the Mother Falls and take a dip next time in the cold waters. I hope I can do that again.

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